Friday, July 14, 2017

Thursday Night Planes

It seemed like it took forever for me to get through my pictures from Engineer's weekend.  I am now up to Thursday from last week.  I decided to make a quick stop at the airport.
 So first up is an Airbus A320 belonging to American Airlines.  It was coming into Detroit from Charlotte.
 I know that this is a Delta 737, I just don't remember what flight.
 I'm not sure where this MD-88 was coming from.
 This plane was coming in from Tampa, Florida.
 Another MD-88, but this one was arriving from Atlanta.
 This is the 757-200 that was arriving from LAX.
 I had to clean up this picture a little bit, but I like it.
 The sunset can even make a CRJ look nice.  This particular one was arriving from O'Hare.
A shot that I've been dying to get for a while.

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