Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sunday Morning at Magee

So I was at Magee the next morning.  Again, I was hoping to catch an eagle.
 I believe this is called a marsh-mallow.  This is used as an ornamental and medicinal plant. A treat made since the Egyptian time has morphed into what we call a marshmallow today.
 A heron.
 Every time I head into Magee, I'm amazed at the number of rabbits I see around there.  This time I decided to get some pictures.
 I'm not sure what kind of bird this is, but I thought it looked kind of cool.
 Some wild sunflowers.
 A Canada Goose head.
 A trumpeter cygnet.
 And the head of the proud parent.
 Some other shots of the cygnets.
 I think these are pretty cool looking.
 The swan looking out over his domain and contemplating life.
 Said swan swimming.
 A heron in flight.
 An egret.
 I loved this picture of a waterlily.
And this one wasn't bad either.

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