Sunday, July 30, 2017

Thursday Night Flights

So on Thursday night, I decided to head over to the airport again.  I wasn't really after anything in particular other than getting some shots of planes taking off.  I was shooting from the field between Wick and Smith Roads.  The planes were taking off to the north.
 First up was an Airbus A320 on its way to Phoenix.
 I like it when I can get the tail numbers of the planes.  That lets me tell you where they were off to.  It's amazing the planes that these planes travel to.  A 737-900 on its way to Denver.
 I wish this picture were a little clearer because I would like it alot more.  Anyway, a Boeing 717 on its way to Kansas City.
 this MD-88 was on its way to Memphis.
 A CRJ-700 on its way to O'Hare.
 Another one that was heading to Midway.
 A 757-300 on its way to San Francisco.
 I really liked this shot.
 I liked the orange plane against the dark background.
 Another CRJ.
 As I was taking a picture of this Southwest 737, I was approached by someone off the street.  He asked me what I was doing.  I told him that I was taking pictures of airplanes.  He then said that it was illegal and I said that I don't think so.  He moved on.   It is not illegal to take pictures of airplanes from public areas. 
And I'll end with a 757 on its way to LAX.

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