Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Edwin Gott Leave the Poe Lock

Next up is a ship that I hoped to catch passing Mission Point.
 I didn't think that it would be bright enough when she passed Mission Point, so I stayed in bed a little longer.
 So after catching the Atlantic Huron, I came up to West Pier where I caught the Gott and the Beatrix.  I kind of like the view here, I just wish there weren't all of the lamp posts though.
 As I was heading back to the car in order to catch her at Sherman Park.
 It wasn't too long before she appeared at Sherman Park.  It was still a little overcast though.
 While I liked the lighting that provided, I wasn't particularly happy with the sky.
And one more shot before moving on.

Like I said, we were going to try going to Tahquamenon Falls again but it was pretty crazy when we got there.  The line of cars was out on M-123.  It's not particularly fun when there are many people there, so we just headed back to the Soo.

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