Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tuesday Night Dreamliner

Tuesday and Fright Night is my chance to catch the Royal Jordanian 787.  Lately it's been coming at roughly a time when I can go to the airport to catch it.  So I've been trying to catch it there.
 Sometimes we have to sort through the chaff to get to it though.  First up is an ERJ-175 flying for American Express.  I'm not going to look up destinations though.
 Next up was an Airbus A330 for Delta.  I think this one was coming in from one of the European destinations.
 Next up is a Frontier Airbus A320.
 And the plane that I was waiting for.  Royal Jordanian 267 from Amman Jordan. 
 I'm pretty sure that I've seen this plane before.  It is a Gulfstream V owned by one of the local charter companies.
 A Southwest 737.
 Another American Eagle plane.
 I think this flight is from Toronto and I always see it at about the same time as the 787.
 Another 737.
 I love Spirit's livery, but I'm not sure that I would fly on them.
 A CRJ-200.
And we end with the Air France A340 from Paris.  I figured I would stick around for her, since I missed her the last time.

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