Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sometimes the Best Camera

So on Saturday I went up to my cousin's.  I didn't think that any photographic opportunities would present themselves, so I didn't take my proper camera with me.  That is actually unusual since I normally take my camera with me everywhere.
 Fortunately I had my iPhone and it has a camera.  Not a great camera though (especially if you need to use any sort of zoom) but not too bad.  And when people ask about cameras, I basically tell them to use whatever works for them.  I think it's not so much the camera as what you doing with it.
 Anyway, the BBC Alberta was paying a visit to Bay City and she had just finished her delivery of some windmill blades.  I didn't realize that she would be leaving at the time I was visiting Bay City as well.   I also got a bonus of the Manitou.
I think the river levels had been up and that was causing some issues with river traffic and hence the assistance from the tug.
 I normally see the Manitou in Port Huron so it was kind of cool to see her in action.
 It didn't take too long for the BBC Alberta to pass by.  I think this is her first time on this page.  She is owned by Brise Schiffarts out of Germany.  Like many salties, she is registered in Liberia.  I think the BBC Alberta is a new visitor to the Lakes and she was built in 2010.
 The Manitou passes by.
I think she was just making sure that there were no issues.  As I was taking this picture, she was on her way to Montreal.  As I type this post, she is on her way to Becancour in Quebec.  It is about halfway between Montreal and Quebec City.  Her next stop is probably somewhere overseas.

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