Sunday, July 9, 2017

The AlgoCanada Passes Mission Point

The AlgoCanada is a ship that I see fairly often when I go to Port Huron.  She is a frequent visitor to the fuel docks in Sarnia.
 It turns out that she is a frequent visitor to the Soo as well.  I caught her at the fuel dock on the Canadian side.
 As I was waiting for the Spruceglen at Mission Point, my dad pointed out that there was a ship coming down.  It was the AlgoCanada.  I do like the looks of these ships.
 I believe she was heading back to Sarnia.
 a shot of her bow.  Apparently this type of bow helps her cut through the ocean better.
One more shot of her as she continues on her way.  Within 19 hours, she would be in Sarnia again.

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