Friday, July 7, 2017

The Kaye E. Barker Passing Drummond Island - A Prologue

I caught many ships over the weekend but this one kept coming up.  So I will call this post a prologue to my Engineer's weekend postings.
 The Kaye E. Barker makes the Marquette to Rouge River run fairly often.  I think she was doing that as I was taking these pictures.
 I think it is around 40 hours to make the run from Marquette to the steel mill on the Rouge River.  It is roughly 20 hours from Drummond Island to the Rouge River, so she would conceivably be making another run on the day that I would be leaving the Soo.
 She would normally be carrying taconite from the iron processing facilities in Marquette.
 She's a nice looking ship at any rate.
And a shot of her pilothouse.

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