Monday, July 31, 2017

The Jiffy Mix Wolverine

I didn't really feel like doing much this weekend, so I ended up heading over to Chelsea.  Little did I realize that it was also the weekend of the Chelsea Art Festival.  But that didn't deter me too much.
 I ended up missing the westbound Wolverine by about five minute but the eastbound Wolverine would be appeared soon.
 Or as some people say, "In a Jiffy".
 These were sitting in front of the train station and while I was waiting I figured I would take some pictures of them.
 I think these are mums.  Well the flower...not belonging to my mother.
 I kind of liked the variety.

 The Wolverine was running a little late.
 So it wasn't here in a Jiffy.
 But it made for a nice picture.
I wanted to get a picture of the signal lights.

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