Monday, July 10, 2017

The Clyde Van Enkevort and Tug Make an Appearance

This tug and barge combination have appeared on this blog in the past but under a different name.
 Over the layup season, the American Steamship lease on the Ken Boothe and Lakes Contender expired and they decided not to renew it.
 The lease was picked up by the Van Enkevort company and the combination was renamed and somewhat repainted.
 The barge became known as the Erie Trader and if you look closely enough you can see her old name.
 The tug became known as the Clyde Van Enkevort.
The did a little repainting of the barge and tug.  The tug used to be a nice shade of blue and now it's this color.  The forecastle of the tug looks like they forgot to use tape or something.   But I'm sure I'll see the pair again.

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