Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rynearson Stadium in the Winter

The Convocation Center is set up by the football field and as I was heading out, I looked at it. It looked all forlorn so I took a picture of it. There is a little more than 6 months to football season.

A shot of the pressbox, this is pretty close to what it looks like on a game day.

A shot of the field itself. I kind of like the composition of this shot.

Eastern Michigan Vs. Northern Illinois

I decided to go to the Eastern Michigan basketball game today. It was actually a pretty good game. EMU fell behind a couple times but they managed to roar back. Lots of up and down and there wasn't such a huge lead that the last part of the game was foul, make basket, foul, etc. Anyways, I don't follow basketball alot so I'm not terribly sure where to pay attention plus it moves fast enough that I sometimes don't have time to focus or adjust the zoom. Anyways, here are the pictures.

I like this shot. Shows the player as he is about to jump up for the basket.

This one is probably my favorite shot.

Today they were honoring new inductees in the EMU athletic hall of fame. And one of them was Charlie Batch who was a quarterback for the Detroit Lions for a number of years. He was maligned by many of the fans, but I liked him. It was cool to see him.

This is another shot I like.

The final score.....the Eagles won.

Eastern hasn't been to the NCAA tournament much. Here are their visits. I don't know if they have a shot this year but you never know.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Pictures of Chicago

More pictures of Chicago as I was going from the Art Institute back to the train station.

Looking across the street.

Looking up towards the north.

Near the art museum was a park with some sculptures.

Then there was this one that looked like a spaceship of some sort.

Looking down Michigan Avenue.

Looking up Michigan Avenue.

Not quite sure where I was, but I liked the plane in the middle of it all.

I believe this is the Wrigley Buidling.

This is the Tribune Building.

This statue is across the street from the Richard J. Daley Center. The only reason I care about it is because it was in the Blues Brothers in a pretty funny scene.

Looking towards the Sears Tower.

Looking up at the Sears Tower.

The way back home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Art Institute of Chicago

One of the nice things in Chicago is the number of top notch museums. Since I was only going for a day and I didn't feel like catching a cab, I decided to walk over to the Art Institute since it is only about 8 blocks away from Union Station. I've been to a few art museums and I'd have to say that is probably one of the better ones. There is a nice representation of art through the ages and they have some very well known pieces.

I'm not about to indentify many of the pieces in here.

One of the nice things about going to an art museum is that it is kind of inspiring for my photography.

This is one of the lions standing outside the museum.

Some of the Asian art. There is a pretty extensive Asian collection at the museum.

I believe this is an Indian statue.

A Monet painting. Love the effect of the light on it. The pinks are pretty cool. A few years ago, I was here for the return of the Haystacks (unfortunately my pictures of the haystack pictures aren't the greatest).

One of the statues.

A closeup on one of the Monet's.

Van Gogh's self portrait.

One of the more famous paintings is the Afternoon at La Grande Jette by Georges Seurat. This painting is famous because it is painted with dots.

This is a close up of another painting that I really like. Just love the reflections in the water.

Another closeup. Look at the reflections on the teapot.

A closeup of a painting depicting chariot racing. You can feel the drama in this one.

One of the nice things about taking pictures of statues is that you can make them your own.

One of the statues in the lobby.

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. This is another one of my favorite paintings. One of my photography goals is to capture this scene or something similar to it. Hence I have many diner shots.

American Gothic but the artist escapes me at the moment.

Another one I like because it reminds me of the painting in the rain.

A Frederick Remington sculupture. There is a fairly large Remington collection at this museum.

I like this more for the picture than the sculpture. Look at the reflections on the display case.

This painting is a perfect example of a portrait that captures the person but doesn't have the person in it. This one is of a decorated Civil War Officer.

A Grecian Urn.

Recently the Museum was expanded. This is that wing.