Saturday, May 21, 2022

Muskrat Love (I Think)

 As I was finishing taking pictures of the swans, I saw this guy swimming by.

I thought that perhaps it was a beaver as there have been beaver sightings on Belle Isle.  Upon further inspection, it looks like a muskrat.  Oh well, still pretty cool.

A Swan Family

 As I was leaving Belle Isle, I saw this swan family.

I thought it looked pretty cool and the reflections were just about perfect.
And then dad joined and made it even cooler.
One more shot.

The Nunalik Makes An Appearance

 I was able to make it to Belle Isle in time to catch the ship.

The ship in question was the Nunalik.
I'm not sure who owns her but she is registered in the Netherlands.
She is a general cargo ship and it looks like she has heavy lift cranes.
She had Bay City listed as her destination and I thought she would be carrying windmill blades.
But it looks like she was carrying pleasure boats.
She is 449 feet long and 68 feet wide.
She can carry containers.
I had to switch to my drone for the next shots.
I adjusted the light meter.
And was able to show her in better light.
The beam shot.
She continues on.
I would love to catch her in Bay City but I'm not sure what time that will be.
I think she will be linking up with the tug Michigan.

Catching a Goose Family

 After stopping in Port Huron, I decided to head down to Belle Isle.  There was another ship I was interested in seeing and I knew that I had plenty of time to catch her.

While I was waiting for her, I saw this goose swimming around.
And then I saw this goose family.
The lighting got a little better for me.
I never noticed that there was a size difference between the males and females.
It almost looks like there might be a slight color difference.
One more shot.

Catching a New Tug

 As I was getting ready to leave, I saw that there was a tug heading up.  I thought it was the tug Michigan and her barge the Great Lakes Trader.  As I was happy to catch a second vessel, I decided to wait.

Turns out that it wasn't the Michigan and her barge the Great Lakes Trader.  It was another tug called the Michigan.
This tug was owned and built by Great Lakes Towing and I think it is fairly new.
I'm not sure if it is this year new or last year new but it looks new.
It appears to be the same class as the Ohio tug that was built a couple of years ago.
Even though I hate to see the older tugs go, I'm guessing that these are more powerful and more fuel efficient.
anyway, they look pretty cool.
The sun came out as I was taking this picture.
One more with my normal camera.
I decided to switch to my drone.
I didn't take it too far up because I didn't the tug to get lost.
I'll have to say that it looks pretty cool.
The beam shot.
It was moving slow enough that I was able to get ahead of it again.
Another beam shot.
And it heads up to Lake Huron.  I'm not sure where it is heading though.  Based on Marine Traffic, it might be heading to Bay City.  I think it is going to link up with a ship in one of my next posts.

The Federal Beaufort Heads into Lake Huron

 After Embury Road, I decided to head over to Port Huron.  I was hoping that there would be a ship that I could catch.  Well, I saw one that I thought I could catch.

I made it in time to catch it as it headed to Lake Huron.  The ship in question was the Federal Beaufort and was heading to Thunder Bay.  I presume it was going to get a load of grain.  The Huron Spirit was catching up to do a pilot transfer.  Even though it is a stern shot, I'm fairly happy with it.  I kind of like how the mist obscures it.

A Stop at Embury Road

 So I decided to take my mother over to Embury Road today.  I didn't think there were a ton of ships passing and we needed to take care of other things so that kind delayed the start of my day.  It also didn't help that a nasty thunderstorm passed through as we were getting ready to leave.  Anyway.

After some navigating the dirt road that was full of potholes, I made it to my first flower.
The marsh marigolds were pretty much on the dying end of the scale, so I didn't take any pictures of them.
I liked that the blossoms for the may apples were out but they were a little difficult to get pictures of.  I think I managed fairly well though.
I think this was a Canadian anemone.
Another may apple.
And I finally got my stand of trillium.
These are my favorite flowers but it didn't seem like there was as many of them this year.
The rain drops added, I think.
These look like they are on the way out though.
I was able to get some different though.
I think I like this one the best.
This one was back in the woods a bit.
Another Canada anemone.
The light was just about right.
One more and then I headed off.