Sunday, March 31, 2019

A View of the Ambassador Bridge

As I looked at the weather this morning, I saw that it was going to be in the 20's.  So I thought I was going to stay in because I'm getting tired of winter.  Then I looked at Marine Traffic and saw that the Kaye Barker was making her way up the Rouge River.  I thought that I would have enough time to catch her.
As it turns out, the Kaye Barker wasn't going to the steel mill and she was at a spot on the Rouge where I couldn't get pictures.  So I didn't get a picture of her but I had to visit a restroom.  I remembered that there was a Welcome Center near the Ambassador Bridge but it turns out that it was closed.  However, I kind of wanted to get a different angle of the Ambassador Bridge.  So I took this picture.  It's not the greatest though.  I didn't see much other river traffic, so I headed home.

A Rainy Day Calls for Planes

Or something like that for a title.  I was thinking about train watching yesterday but I got a bit of a late start.  It was raining as I left the apartment but it stopped after I took care of some things.  I decided to head over to the airport and then possibly a train watching spot I found in Romulus.
 First up was an E190 arriving from Monterrey.
 As I saw this plane come in, I remembered why I like rainy days for pictures.  I love the way the flaps cut through the air, creating some vortices.
 I think that effect is most prominent on the Mad Dog series.  As this one arriving from New Orleans shows.
 A CRJ-200 coming in from Greensboro, South Carolina.
 Another 717 arriving from Orchard Field in Chicago.
 A Southwest 737 coming from Dallas-Love Field.  Love Field is the smaller of the Dallas fields and I think it charges lower landing fees that Dallas-Fort Worth.  As a result, Southwest uses it.
 A Delta 737 coming in from Las Vegas.
 An Alaska Airlines 737 coming in from Seattle.
 A Delta A321 arriving from Phoenix.
 Another angle of that plane.
 A Delta 737 coming in from San Francisco.
 This 717 was arriving from Minneapolis.
 A 757 landing on one of the other runways from City of Tampa.
 I can't call it Tampa Bay because that's actually the Bay and this isn't a seaplane.
 An A350 coming in from Amsterdam.  I didn't think I would catch this plane because I thought it would arrive on the furthest runway from me.  It didn't and I'm happy.
 I couldn't make out the tail number of this one.
 A 757 arriving from Los Angeles.
 It was followed by another 757.  This one was arriving from Seattle.
 Another angle of that plane.
 An A330 arriving from Amsterdam.  Like the A350, I was not expecting to catch this plane.
 As I was getting ready to leave, I saw that there was one more plane I would be interested in catching.
 This A220 was arriving from Dallas-Fort Worth.
 It is one of the newest in Delta's fleet.
I went over to the train watching spot but I didn't feel like sticking around to catch a train.  It is not quite as busy as some of the other spots I go to. But it might do in a pinch.

Friday, March 29, 2019

If at First You Don't Succeed...

It seems that Thursday night is 787 night for me, so I decided to head over to the airport to catch at least one of them.  It was actually a pretty nice night last night as it was approaching the 60's.
 First up was a Bombardier Challenger 300 coming in from LaGuardia.
 I kind of like it when I catch a business jet because it sets itself off from the other aircraft.
 the beam shot.
 Next up was the CRJ-100 arriving from Toronto.
 Another side shot.
 This one is an ERJ-135.  For some reason, I like the looks of these better than the CRJ.  Anyway, this one seems to be dedicated to our troops.
 A Fed Ex 757 coming in from Indianapolis.
 A Spirit A321 coming in from Cancun.
 A side shot of this plane.
 An A330 with a beacon shot as it arrives from Amsterdam.
 I kind of like the clouds in this one.
 An A320 arriving from Atlanta.
 An E175 arriving from Columbus.  The Columbus airport is named after John Glenn.
 This 757 was arriving from Orlando.  I was hoping to catch it on my runway but of course it went to the other one.
 Another angle of that plane.
 I'm not sure where this plane is coming from but it is a Gulfstream V.
 Another beacon shot.
 And the plane I was waiting for.
 It was arriving in Detroit from Montreal.
 That was after a trip from Amman.
 But it was a nice night and this is a nice looking plane.
 A side shot of that plane.
 I was about ready to leave after taking pictures of the 787 but as I looked over the building, I saw that it was pulling up.  I watched as it started to go around and caught it on the downwind leg.  This would be roughly over the Detroit River.  This would take a couple of minutes.
 As I was waiting for the 787 to come around, I watched as this plane was lined up for 21L and then it shifted over to 21R and almost flew right over me.  It was coming in from LaGuardia.
 A CRJ-700 arriving from Dulles airport.
 And the return trip of the 787.
 It was just as cool as the first.  Especially since I got a couple of shots with the beacon.
 It flies over the trees.  Although I don't think it was actually over the trees, it just looked like it.
 Anyway, the clouds were still pretty nice.
 Another beacon shot.
 And one more beacon shot.
An American 737 arriving from Dallas-Fort Worth.