Sunday, October 29, 2023

Whereupon I Catch a Train

 As I was leaving, I heard the sound of a train behind me.  

I thought it was kind of unusual, as I've never caught a train on this track.  I knew it was active because I've seen pictures from other people.

I thought it was kind of cool since it was a CSX train.
I'm not sure of its origin, nor where it was going.
But it was a long one.
I went to another spot, where I could catch it again.

This spot had a little better lighting.
But she was moving pretty slow.
One more here.
I decided to catch it in one more spot before I headed home.  I was hoping to get some trees in the background.
It wasn't too bad.
One more shot of the engine.
As it left, I ended up leaving.  I made sure that I was on the right side of the train so I could continue on.

I was hoping to catch it in one more spot, but that was a ways away and I wanted to get home, so I didn't.

The Victory and her Barge the Maumee

 As I was getting ready to leave, I saw that there was one more vessel coming up.

I was almost going to pass because I saw that it was a tug/barge.
But I figured, I was here and she was here and it was another ship, sort of.
The tug is the Victory and the barge is the Maumee.  She used to be the Lewis J. Kuber.
I think they changed the name in keeping with how they name their ships after rivers.
The Maumee is one of the rivers they visit.
She was coming up from Detroit but again, I'm not sure if that was the last port she visited or her port of origin.
She was heading up to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.
I'm not sure what she was going to pick up though.
The beam shot, sort of.
A picture of her tug.
I think her tug looks kind of cool.
One more before moving along.

The Cuyahoga in Action

 So this is the ship that really got my attention.

The Cuyahoga loaded salt at the Morton Docks in Detroit and was heading up to Fisher Harbour which is sort of near Sudbury.  
Presumably, it was to deliver salt.
As I looked at AIS, I saw that she would be passing Port Huron at about the same time as the Saginaw.  That meant that she might have to wait a little bit until the Saginaw passed.
Since I was pretty sure I was going to catch the Saginaw, I knew that I would catch the Cuyahoga.
I wanted to catch the Cuyahoga in action because she caught fire a couple of months ago.  Fortunately, the damage wasn't too bad and they were able to repair her.
I think the fact that they repaired her means that she will be around for a while.  
Although, I'm not sure about that since she was hauling salt.
That's usually a load for ships on their last legs because it's so corrosive.
If they do a decent job of cleaning the holds out, it's not too bad.
I love the colors in the background.
The bow shot.
She makes her turn to leave the river.
I hope that she gets a paint job soon, she's looking pretty rough.
I really love the colors in this one.
This is about when I would switch to my drone.
but I didn't bring it today.
Framed by the Blue Water Bridge.
A little bigger.
She starts to pass by.
She leaves the river and enters the lake.
the skies still look gray.
A shot as she pulls out.
She gets on Lake Huron.
I think it is around 12 hours to her destination.

the Samuel Risley Hangs Out in Sarnia

As I was taking pictures of the Saginaw, I looked across the river and saw a vessel that I wouldn't mind having another picture of.
I think the Samuel Risley is busy doing aids to navigation work before the lakes start to freeze over.  Here she is  taking a break.  Soon, she will be breaking ice.