Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Forty Mile Point Lighthouse

I decided to head down US-23 from Mackinaw City.  Mainly because it a more relaxing drive and also because I wanted to visit a lighthouse I didn't get to visit on my last trip.
 The lighthouse in question is the Forty Mile Point lighthouse near Rogers City.
 It was built in 1896 but because the construction was finished in the winter, it was not lit until 1897.  It is called the Forty Mile Point lighthouse because it is forty miles from Mackinaw Point.  Unlike many other lighthouses on the Great Lakes, it is not marking any particular harbors or rivers.  It was built so that ships would remain under a lighthouse from Mackinaw Point until the mouth of the St Clair River.
Currently the light is automated and it is now part of a County Park.  It's a pretty nice park too.

The Bristol Bay Passes Under the Mackinac Bridge

I saw that another cool guest would be passing by.
 The Bristol Bay was on her way to Grand Haven for the Coast Guard Festival.  Unfortunately, she was kind of dwarfed by the Bridge.
 But it was still pretty cool to catch her.
 I was able to zoom in a little more on her.
 And she pulls away.
 Another couple of close ups.
One more before catching the Anderson.

Just Some Shots of the Mackinac Bridge

I don't usually have an opportunity to shoot the Mackinac Bridge from the St Ignace side, but I had some time.
 It was a pretty nice day on Saturday and the clouds looked pretty cool (but not as cool as on the way home).
 It was a little on the windy side and that made for some nice waves.
 The sun was just about right.
And one more shot of her.

A Repeat Customer

I've seen this one more recently.
 I saw that the CSL Welland was heading upbound.  Since I had some time to catch the Anderson at the Mackinac Bridge, I figured I would stay in DeTour for a bit.
 She passes a pair of kayakers near DeTour.  I think she was heading up to Thunder Bay.
 Or at least, I figured that she was heading up to Thunder Bay since she usually carries grain.
 I kind of like the views here, I just wish they were a little closer.
 She passes the stone dock on Drummond Island.
 One more shot of that.
 the almost beam shot.
And we continue on our way.

The Return of Another Old Friend

So on Friday, I saw that the Arthur M. Anderson was finally leaving her long slumber except that she was going to be heading down to Gary.  I plotted out her course and saw that I had a chance to catch her at the Mackinac Bridge.
 As I was heading to the Mackinac Bridge, I saw that I had an outside chance of catching her sooner.  I remembered that there is a little boat launch on the other side of Barbeau.  I headed there first in the hopes of catching her.  I wasn't quite in time.
 Next I headed over to DeTour Village because I knew I could get some better shots there.
 She had been in layup for two and a half years and there was some uncertainty in the boatnerd community that she might stay there.  Rumors were abounding that she needed some extensive work and her owners might not spend the money to do that.
 Well, they ended up doing whatever work they had to do, plus they ended up painting her.  And I will have to say that she looks pretty nice.
 She was on her way down to Gary, so I didn't have too many places where I could catch her.
 She continues past DeTour.
 She approaches the subject of my next post.
 They get closer.
 And they pass.
 Next I headed over to the Mackinac Bridge.  This time, I decided to catch her from the St Ignace side.
 I don't usually shoot from over here, but the lighting was right for it.
 She starts to pass under the Bridge.
 She passes under.
 And continues on her way.
One more shot as she continues on her way to Gary with her load of taconite.

Stopping for Gas

I actually like to stop for gas at the Speedway station at the corner of State and Ellsworth.  Sometimes it gives me a chance to catch a plane or two.
 I think this Cessna 152 was doing touch and goes.
I usually see it at the Ann Arbor Airport.
 It is owned by the Michigan Flyers, I think.
One of these days, I may have to see about going up in it for a tryout flight.

A Teatsle

I probably spelled that wrong but there were a bunch of these next to the spot where I planewatch sometimes.
I'm hoping they get their color soon.

Night of the Living 757s

I decided to head over to the airport last Thursday night.  It seems like it has been a while since I've done my Thursday night planespotting.  A couple nights before this, I realized that it was 757 fest in Detroit at around 7:00P.M.  That's when many of the flights come in from the West Coast.   I also realized I had a shot of catching the Fed Ex planes.
 The Fed Ex 757 was landing as I rounded the corner but I arrived in time to catch the A350.
 I will have to say that the A350 is growing on me.  I still think the 787 is a better looking plane but this one is not bad.
 This particular A350 was arriving from Beijing.
 It was followed by a United Airlines 737.
 This particular one was arriving from the city of cable cars and Rice A Roni...i.e., San Francisco.
 A 757 arriving from Orlando.
 The yellow Spirit Airlines planes are also growing on me.  It is nice to see some color in a see of white planes.  This A321 was arriving from Las Vegas.
 An A321 arriving from San Diego.
 I was not expecting to see an A330.
 This particular one was coming in from Nagoya.
 An American 737 arriving from Dallas.
 The Fed Ex MD-11 arriving from Memphis.
 Probably my favorite shot.
 Although I like the clouds in this shot.
 This Particular 757 was arriving from Mexico City.
 Another angle of that plane.
 It was followed by a 757-300 from Seattle.
 This is the stretch version.
 My favorite angle of the 757.
 A 717 arriving from Charlotte.
 A side angle of that.
 Another A321.
 This particular one was coming in from Atlanta.
 A beacon shot.
 It was followed by an A220.
 This particular one was coming in from Dallas.
 And I'll have to say that this plane is growing on me too.
 Another 717.
 this particular one was coming in from O'Hare.
 This particular 757-300 was arriving from Los Angeles.
 This is by far my favorite plane.
 Again, my favorite angle.
 A CRJ-200 arriving from Escanaba.
 Followed by a 737 arriving from Chicago-Midway.
 A Delta 737 coming in from Denver.
 The clouds were pretty cool.
 Another A321.  This one was coming from San Diego.
 And I ended the night with another 757-300.
 This one was also coming from the land of Cable Cars.
In other words, San Francisco.