Monday, January 28, 2019

Snowmageddon and the Wolverine

It was predicted that we would get a nasty snow storm coming our way today.  It was supposed to start around the time I would be leaving for work.  Rather than dealing with that, I decided to take the day off.
 It didn't really start snowing until after I woke up, so it wasn't too bad around Wolverine time.
 I really like catching the Wolverine in the snow, especially if it is a little obscured.
 The snow today was a little heavier, so the train wasn't kicked up as much.
 It was still pretty cool.
 As it almost passes by.
One more shot before moving on.

A Wolverine Sort of Day

The snow that I caught at Grand Haven seemed to catch up with me on Sunday Night.  I was planning on going to the Auto Show with my dad but it was nastier up his way.  Rather than the "fun" of dealing with traffic to Detroit, I decided to stay home.
 However, I couldn't pass up on catching pictures of the Wolverine.  Especially in the snow.
 I just love the way it kicks up the snow.  Yesterday's snow was powdery enough that it made for a nice picture.
 It passes the Depot.
 And approaches me.
 The sun was trying to make an effort to come out.
One more picture before heading back home.

Some Sort of Light Show at the Michigan Central Train Station

Recently it was announced that Ford Motor Company would be buying the Michigan Central Train Station from Matty Maroun.  They will be converting it to a tech center of sorts.  I think they are also going to buy some of the abandoned buildings around it in order to turn it into a campus of some sort.  At any rate, it is nice that Detroit's most famous abandoned building will be getting a makeover soon.
 My mom mentioned something about a lightfest they were having at the train station, so after South Haven, I decided to head over to the train station.  It was pretty neat.  They were starting with a slide show.
 Some of it looked like graffiti.
 But some of it looked kind of cool.  Sadly, I didn't bring my tripod with me, but I think I needed a higher shutter speed anyway, because some of the light was "moving".
 This looked kind of like a bird.
 I wish this one were a little clearer.  It looks like a Santa Fe engine.
 Since Ford was sponsoring it.
 This is how I imagined the train station looked inside at one time.
 Some bricks.

 This was also kind of neat, it showed the plans for what they were going to do with the area.
This was kind of neat.

The South Haven Lighthouse in the Winter

I decided to head down to South Haven.  I couldn't pass up on catching it in the winter.
 No boats to see however.
 But these were kind of neat.
 I was amazed at how much ice was here.  Especially when you consider it hasn't really been that cold until last week.
 I kind of liked the ominous clouds above.
 Fortunately, I had my big lens.
 Trying to get different angles.
And one more shot before heading out.

The Candace Elise On the Grand River

As I said in my last post, this tugboat was working her way down the river as I arrived.  I couldn't get that picture but I really wanted to.
 As I was taking pictures of the Sykes, I could get some pictures of the tugboat.  She was clearing the ice.  I think private tugs are used when they can't get Coast Guard assistance.
 She was coming down from Muskegon and I would imagine that Grand Haven doesn't get enough traffic to warrant Coast Guard assistance.
 As I went further down the river, I got a chance to catch the tug for the shots I was I looking for.
 As you can see, the snow was coming down.
 I kind of liked this shot.
 She continues on her way to clear out the dock.
And one more shot as she heads off.

The Wilfred Sykes Enters Grand Haven

As I said in the last post, I saw that the Wilfred Sykes was on her way to Grand Haven.
 I wasn't sure about the weather but it looked like it wasn't going to be too bad.  As you can see, there was a little ice on the water.  Just before making it to the pier, I saw a tugboat working on breaking the ice.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of that because it looked pretty neat.
 The Sykes was coming up from Indiana Harbor.  I think that was after she passed Detroit.  She had a load of something for Indiana Harbor.
 She was coming from Indiana Harbor with a load of iron fines.  I think iron fines are used to make cement.
 It is approximately seven hours from Indiana Harbor to Grand Haven.
 She pours on a little power as she enters the channel.
 An almost head on shot as she is about to pass the lighthouse.
 And the head on shot.  If you look closely at the front, you can see a pair of people.  I think they are making sure everything is good.
 A slight turn inward to continue on the channel.
 I kind of liked the shot of the bird in front of her.
 A little smoke means that a little power is being applied.
 her engine about at the right spot, she stops pouring out the smoke.
 She passes the channel marker.
 After she passed the channel marker.  an almost clean shot.  As you can see, she's accumulated some ice along the way.
 Another shot with the lighthouse.  I kind of liked the reflections in the water.
 I really liked the reflections in this shot.
 I think one of my friends is in the foc'sle.
 And she passes by.
 I decided to head a little further down the river.  You can get some different angles, include the almost beam shot.
 As you can see, it started to snow a little harder.  Fortunately, it wasn't too bad leaving Grand Haven.
 She makes the turn to head towards the dock.
 The almost front shot.
 As you can see, there was a little more ice here.
 This is another spot where I can get a good bow shot.
 She swings around to go forward.
 Again, some pretty nice reflections.
 There was a little bit of blue but I think that was just a tease.
 She makes another turn.
 Again, another beam shot.
And she continues on to the dock.  It would take her about seven hours to unload.  After unloading, she was on her way to Sturgeon Bay, WI where she would layup for the winter.  Someone made the comment that this was latest in January she has gone.  Well, it seems like she had a pretty unusual year after making two trips to Detroit.  It seems like the crew earned the layup this year.