Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Couple of the Photographer

I don't particularly like pictures of myself hence I became a photographer. However it is sometimes nice to see the face behind the camera. So here goes.

This is me in my favorite hat - the classic Michigan hat. I like the hat because it reminds me of the hats that Bo would wear. I also like it because it was the hat that accompanied me on my trip out west. It is now my third hat like this as the first was retired after 15 years of valiant service. The second is now at the bottom of the Detroit River. Unfortunately, I got a little glare in my eyes.

This hat was picked up in Grand Junction, Colorado during my train trip. It has definately moved into second place in my hat totem pole.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bridge View Diner

We actually discovered this place last year as we were trying to find dinner and it was late. It was pretty good and we were hungry so we stopped in again. It's not quite my dream shot (Night Hawks) but it will do.

This is the guy who runs and owns the place. He is pretty cool. Here he is hamming up to the camera for me.

Here he is cooking something. I wish I would have been paying more attention because I could have gotten a shot as he was flipping an omelette.

A shot of the outside. Still not quite Night Hawks.

A shot of his sign.

Another shot of the outside.

This place is right to the side of the Bridge. It is to the west side of town.

The Mackinac Bridge at Night

We were heading back to my mom's. Had to get some shots of the Bridge at night. Unfortunately, I just missed a ship again.

This was at the camera's recommeded exposure settings. I like the shot well enough. Brings out the lights and all.

This was a shutter speed lower. Still pretty bright.

This was another shutter speed lower. I like this one the best.

The Full Moon

And it was a full moon that night. I caught this shot as the moon was still rising up. Love the reds.

A Fog Shrouded Lake

I think this was Betsy Lake near Crisp Point. There is a state campground there and it is on one of the roads around Crisp Point. Anyways, I loved the way the fog hovered over the lake.

Looking out at one of the islands.

Looking at another island.

The fog and the reflection in the water.

The Fog Rolls In....

As we were hanging around, the fog was starting to roll in. This was kind of cool as it made for some nice pictures.

A slightly fog shrouded lighthouse.

Looking towards the woods.

Loooking towards one of the shores.

A seagull hanging around.

A shot from the beach and a little farther out so the lighthouse is a little more obscured.

Looking towards the other side.

Another shot of the lighthouse.

A Shot from the Tower

Since there were people there, I was able to walk up to the tower. If I thought the view from the ground was impressive, the tower view was even more impressive. You could see quite a distance away.

Looking towards the west.

Looking towards the east.

I like the shot even though it is pretty much cliche.

Crisp Point

My mom had some friends that were working as volunteer lighthouse keepers at Crisp Point, so we decided to head over there. It was kind of cool as it is a really nice lighthouse (I would almost say one of the nicer in the state).

A shot as you are walking up to the lighthouse. I just love the view.

Looking up at the tower.

A shot from the beach.

Another shot from the beach.

And a shot of the beach.

Some Stuffed Animals

They have a little station as you are walking down to the falls. In it they have some history of the area and a case with these animals.

A shot of a wolf's head.

This is a coyote.

Another angle of the wolf's head.

The Tahquamenon Grounds

Just some shots of the grounds around the Falls.

A nice shot of a tree stump.

Looking up at a pine tree. It's amazing how tall these trees can get.

This was pretty cool. You can use the rings to tell the age of a tree. This had a comparison to the history of the US.

Looking up at a Maple Tree.

The Tahquamenon River

Some shots of the river.

Looking downriver from the Falls.

Looking upriver from the falls.

Tahquamenon Falls in June

Another part of my continuing series, the Tahquamenon Falls. The Falls were quite lovely this time as it seems there has been alot of rain in the past few weeks. I don't think I've seen them flowing quite this much in a while. Anyways...

A shot through the trees. This time using a slower shutter speed to capture the illusion of motion.

A shot from another angle.

A shot looking out. Look at all the green this time of the year.

A closeup using the slower shutter speed.

This is probably one of my favorite views of the Falls. Close up from the platform at the brink.

Another one of my favorite shots.

A look at one of the cliff faces. For comparison sake.

A shot so they cover the whole width of the frame.

A shot from the side using the slower shutter speed.