Friday, June 11, 2010

California Zephyr - Part 5 - Middle Colorado

The next part of my trip was through Middle Colorado. Part of it included passing by Vail. Again, it was a nice part of the trip.

Another cliff face and some pine trees (of some sort). This was a very beautiful area of Colorado and I would love to swing moving out here at some point.

I love this look of mountains, with the trails running down the side.

Again, more of the red mountains.

And the Colorado River.

Another red cliff.

A shot of the train as it slices through the mountains.

Another shot of the river.

A different kind of cliff face.

The river running a little faster.

I really like the look of this cliff. The red, the tan, the greens.

I saw alot of rafters on the river as we passed by. Most of them would smile and wave at the train as it passed by. It was actually kind of cool. But of course, there are always jerks that want to ruin things. The first time, I was thinking, "Did I just see what I think I just saw". The second time, I was thinking, "Yup." The third time, I was thinking, "Wow...original". Around the fifth time I was thinking that some jerk wanted to be immortalized on the internet but in the interest of taste decided not to.

A shot of the Colorado River as it winds into a valley.

A shot of some mountain peaks as they peer over a valley. I was amazed at the fact that there was still some snow on there.

Another shot of the train as it passes by the mountains.

This reminds me more of mountains. Nice granite and trees.

A river going through the valley again. I kind of really like this picture.

Another shot of the train.

A shot of some turbulence.

The river winding through.

Another shot of some mountain.

I really like this shot with the train. It's almost a nice contrast. The train, the river and then the highway on the right. So you have the oldest form of mass transit (the river), an older form and the current form.

When I read about the Zephyr, the thing that popped out was the people saying how scenic it was. And then I started to read about the Empire builder and people said that was scenic. It's still a pretty tough call of which one is more scenic though. I almost want to give props to the Zephyr.

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