Sunday, September 25, 2022

The Baie St. Paul Makes an Appearance

 Next up was the Baie St. Paul.  Actually, she fit between the posts in the CSL Tadoussac.

I decided I wanted to catch a ship coming to Port Huron.  So after I got pictures of the CSL Tadoussac in Marysville, I headed up to Port Huron to catch this ship.
It was still a pretty gray day.
The first head shot.
I'm not sure where she was coming down from as the AIS read Sault Ste. Marie.
She makes the turn for the channel.
I think she looks kind of cool.
There is seagull just below the bow.
She makes the other turn for the channel.
The second bow shot.
Then she completes the turn.
I kind of like this angle.
I like this angle better.
And then I switched to my drone.
I kind of like this shot.
She passes my drone.
The beam shot.
And she continues down the river.
She continues on.
Her destination read Port Daniel which is at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River and almost on the Atlantic Ocean.  It says she will be there on Tuesday.

A Bunch of Seagulls

 As I was taking pictures of the ship, I saw someone taking a picture to the side of me.

I looked and I kind of like the way they were manning the rails.  It was almost as if they were saluting their fellow sea creature.

A Cormorant Passes By

While I was waiting for the next ship, this guy came swimming by.

 This is a cormorant.  It took off shortly after this picture.

The CSL Tadoussac Passes By

 So yesterday I wanted to do some boatwatching but I got kind of a slow start.  After getting slowed down on I-696, I wasn't sure if I could make it to Port Huron on time.

I didn't make it to Port Huron on time.  The CSL Tadoussac was already past the spots where I would catch pictures of her.
So I headed down to Marysville.  The only problem with Marysville is that I can't use my drone there.  I'm within range of one of the airports.
Oh well, it's a nice spot to use my regular camera.
A relatively clean background.
Except at points but it's not too obtursive.
The Tadoussac is a nice looking ship.  I'm just not sure how much longer she will be around.
So it's one I try to catch when I can.
It was kind of a gray day yesterday but it didn't rain until later.
She gives me the beam shot.
And she passes by.
One more shot.
This post is going to be out of order in order to maintain pictures of the same ship.
After catching the ship in the next post, I headed down to Algonac because I wanted to get drone shots of the CSL Tadoussac.
She was heading down to Nanticoke.
I think she would be carrying iron in that case but I'm not sure.
At any rate, she was riding pretty low.
I like it better when ships are loaded.
Jsut a couple more pictures with my regular camera.
This is a pretty good spot too.
One more.
And then I switched to my drone.
One of the reasons I wanted my drone is because her unique wake shows up much better.
She comes closer.
My favorite shot.
the beam shot.
She passes by.
A straight shot from the back.  I really like this shot because you can really see her wake.

Monday, September 19, 2022

And Then There Was the Cuyahoga

 This was the other ship that I wanted to catch.

Based on a feeling that I have, I don't think the Cuyahoga is long for this world.
Lower Lakes has been using her for salt which is generally happens when a ship is about at the end of her life span.
She's looking pretty sad on the side.
That seems to happen when a ship is about to be scrapped.
She's been pretty busy though.
I don't usually hear the sounds that I heard from ships that were at the end.
Her engine is fairly new, so that might be a good thing.
So who knows, maybe my fears are unfounded.
She was bought by her current owners in 1995, which I think means she's in the middle of her five year certificate.
So she might have a few years left.
At any rate, I'm going to catch her as much as I can because the classic laker is disappearing from the Lakes.
And these are nicest looking ships.
Even if they are all rusty.
She was heading not too far down the river.
The stone docks in Sarnia in fact.
And then I switched to my drone.
I am loving the low angle shots.  This one may be my favorite.
I like this one too.
I had to get higher to pull back.
About the beam shot that I like.
She continues down the river.
But not too far.