Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sandhill Soaring Club - Near Hell Michigan

A friend of mine is a member of a local soaring club, so I decided to visit the club today. It was a pretty nice day, but I got there a little too late to see anything.

I did manage to see this plane as it came in for a landing.

This is one of the planes they use for towing.

This was a plane of one of the members.

Another angle of that plane.

This is one of the gliders.

This is another one of the tow planes.

A view of the cockpit.

Another one of the planes, this one doesn't work, I think.

The windsock.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random Farm Pictures

Just some random farm images as I was heading home from Bay City.

Everytime I head home from my mom's, I see this barn and I mean to take a picture of it. So today I did.

This is another one. I love the rust on the roof.

The water pump.

This is another thing I kept meaning to take a picture of. I love the rusted out crane look.

A shot from the front.

Some other things near the crane.

Another piece of rusted out equipment.

Again near the crane.

Chicago, IL

I realize this is called "Michigan Exposures" but I do on occasion travel outside of Michigan and as such, my camera travels with me. Yesterday, we decided to wander over to Chicago.

This is at the top of the Chicago Public Library. It's a pretty neat looking building overall.

The building formally known as the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower).

One of the Chicago streets.

Another street.

Looking down towards the Willis Tower.

Looking up at the Willis Tower.

The Chicago Board of Trade Building.

Looking up at the Willis Tower again.

Another Chicago street.

Looking down from the Board of Trade building.

A statue near the board of trade building.

Chicago at Night.

Another shot of Chicago at night. Unfortunately, I did not drag my tripod with me, so the pictures aren't as clear as I'd like.

Fort Custer National Cemetary - Near Battle Creek, MI

Fort Custer Cemetary was created in 1934. It was expanded in 1981 and became an official national cemetary. It was expanded again in 1997.

Very few of the graves are like these. Most of them are the ones that are set in the ground so it's easier to take care of.

I love how perfectly lined up these are.

Messing with different focusing points.

The row of flags. It looks pretty cool.

A poem.

I thought that since this cemetary was older than another one in Holly, it would have the white ivory gravestones. It only has a few. There are also some German POWs buried there.

Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Garden - Saginaw, MI

Marshall Fredericks was born in Rock Island, IL. In the 1930's he was asked to be a professor on the staff at the Cranbook Art Institute in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Many of his works are on display in Michigan and these are from his museum at the Saginaw Valley State University.

This one is only display at the Detroit Zoo also.

I think this one is also at the Detroit Zoo.

This one is in the Eastland Shopping Center.

I really like this one.

This one is also in a shopping center.

I like this picture too.