Monday, October 31, 2022

Some Ducks

 I always get a chance to take some pictures of fowl creatures.

They usually hang around the places where I am taking pictures of ships.
It was light enough to see his green head.
I think mallards look pretty cool.
The pair of them.
Another picture.
This was taken a little later in the day at another park.  The duck is a little out of focus, but I still like the picture.

The Dirk VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader

 Next vessel was a tug barge.

I'm not sure what she was unloading.  I think this might be a stone dock still.
A little while after me being down there, she started to to move.
The tug is the Dirk Van Enkevort and it was pretty loud.
I switched over to my drone.
It was still a little on the foggy side.
While I think these are ugly, they still serve a purpose.
They employ folks.
And move goods.
And she was moving on.

The Detroit Skyline in the Fog

 As I was taking pictures of the ship, I looked over towards the Detroit skyline and I thought it looked pretty cool in the fog.

The view of the skyline is pretty cool from Riverside Park.
Just wish I could see some of the older buildings.

Up Next, the Algoma Hansa

Next is the other ship that was in my last post.
The Algoma Hansa was coming up from Nanticoke.
She was returning to Sarnia.
That is a typical run for her.
After loading in Sarnia, she will usually either go back to Nanticoke or head up to Sault Ste Marie, Canada.
A beam shot.
She and the CSL Assiniboine start to disappear into the fog.
A shot with my drone.
I really like this shot.
She starts to disappear into the fog.
She starts to slip into the fog.
I really like this shot.
She almost disappears.

The CSL Assiniboine Passes By

 This was the first ship that I caught.

The CSL Assiniboine is the one on the right.  The next ship I would see is on the left and more about that one later.
I'm not sure where she was heading from but I know that she had just delivered something.
She was heading up to Two Harbors where this she would probably be picking up taconite.
I think that means that she would be heading to Nanticoke.
Be she could be going to other places for transhipping to Europe.
Anyway, it was nice to see her because I think she was one of the last ships built in Canada.
She was built in Quebec City.
It was little foggy still.
And a haze hung over everything.
There was also some sort of fishing tournament and that meant I heard her horn quite a bit.
then I switched to my drone.  It was a little tricky because I was in the shadow of the Ambassador Bridge.
She approaches the drone.
I kind of like this shot.

The beam shot.
She heads off towards Belle Isle.
And the fog.
It was pretty cool.
I was hoping I would catch a downbound ship.
I love the surrealism.
One more.