Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Catching an A330

 As I was leaving Detroit, I checked Flight Radar to see if anything interesting was coming into Detroit.  I saw that I had an outside chance of catching a 757.

Unfortunately, I didn't leave in time to catch  the 757.
I didn't catch the 757, but an A330 was coming in and those are pretty cool.
This particular one was coming in from Orlando.
One more shot before heading home to watch the Lions.

The Moon

 Just before I left downtown, I had to take a look at the moon.

I thought it looked pretty cool as it was peeking through the sky, so I took a picture.

The Iver Bright Passes By

 The next ship was a surprise.

As I was looking at AIS, I saw that the Iver Bright was unloading in Detroit.
I'm not sure how long she was there, so I was not expecting to see her.
It is pretty cool though because she is a nice looking ship.
She reminds me of a Coast Guard boat with her colors.
She approaches the Ambassador Bridgte.
Under the bridge.
She was heading up to Sarnia.  I think she will pick up more loads there and work through the off season.  She is equipped with a bow that can handle the ice if necessary.

The Prentiss Brown/St Marys Challenger Passes By

 I think this was another last journey of the season, but I'm not sure.

She was heading to Toledo as I was taking this picture.
I assume that means she was delivering to the cement plant there.
As I look her up on AIS, I see that she is in Cleveland now.
I think that means she's got at least one more trip in her because ships don't typically lay up in Cleveland.

The Indiana Harbor on Her Last Trip of the Season

 So this is the ship that got me out.

The Indiana Harbor was coming down from somewhere.  If I had to guess, it was probably Superior.
And I think that means she was carrying coal.
She was heading to Ashtabula to deliver that and I think that is where she is going to layup.
The bow shot.
She makes a turn for the rest of the channel.
It's that time of year when ice is formed on the bow and stuff.
I think the sailors are happy to be heading home.
A little bit more ice but it was navigable.
I like this shot.
She approaches the Ambassador Bridge.
She passes under.
A shot of her pilothouse.
And she passes under the bridge.

Catching the Bristol Bay in Action

It was pretty cold the last week, so some ice was starting to form.  Leading our pair of ships was the Coast Guard tug/icebreaker Bristol Bay.

I thought that was I wasn't going to see her get much closer than this.  I saw a another icebreaker working its way north and I thought that ice breaker would replace the Bristol Bay to continue south.
Fortunately, that wasn't the case as I like to see these guys in action.
Although it wasn't so much in action, as there wasn't much ice and the ships would be able to navigate this will little trouble.
You can see the subject on my next post behind her.
She continues to make way.
And another subject in the background.
The lighting was perfect for me.
She starts to pass Windsor.
Downtown Windsor in the back ground.
A relatively clean shot.
One more before moving on to the next ship.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

A Robinson R44 Flies Overhead

 I decided to head down to the river today.  I saw that there were a couple of ships that were stirring about.  I think a couple of them were making their last trips of the season.

As I waiting for the first ship to pass.  This Robinson R44 passed over.
I think it was heading over to Grosse Ile.
One more shot.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Passing Cincinnati

 As we were heading to Georgetown, we ended up passing Cincinnati.  Since I wasn't driving, I had to get a picture or two.

A shot of the Cincinnati skyline from I-75.  I will have to admit, it has a pretty cool skyline and if I remember correctly, it had the first skyscraper.
This bridge crosses the Ohio River.  I saw a barge but I couldn't get a picture soon enough.  I was amazed at how busy it was here though.  I kind of liked the way the girders appeared in the picture.

A Stop in Wapakoneta

 I was heading down to visit a supplier in Georgetown, KY.  The people I was with found a restaurant in Wapakoneta to have lunch.  It was pretty good.

The restaurant was downtown and for all the times I've passed Wapakoneta, I've never actually stopped there.  I was hoping that they would have a statue or something for Neil Armstrong.  This stone was pretty cool.  It commemorated the moment that he stepped out onto the moon.
Again, it wasn't quite a statue but still pretty representative.  It is a pretty good likeness of the helmet that Neil Armstrong wore on the moon.

Saturday, January 6, 2024

The Walter J. McCarthy Passes Marine City

 I wasn't sure if I would be able to catch this ship.  She was about an hour behind the Oberstar and I thought it might be dark when she passed based on the time and the cloudy sky.

But that wasn't the case.
The Walter J. McCarthy was heading to Conneaut, Ohio.
I think that means that she would have been loaded with taconite.
I'm not sure if this is her last load either but it is getting pretty close to that time.
It might be if she is laying up in Erie.
Anyway, it was nice to see her as I haven't seen her in a while.
She passes by.
And it was snowing pretty hard now.
One more shot before moving on.