Monday, October 31, 2016

Some More Planewatching

I decided to do some more planewatching.  I was hoping to catch the Royal Jordanian 787.
 I barely made it in time to catch the 787.  Fortunately, I was stopped at the light at Middle Belt and the Service Drive as it passed.  I think I got a pretty decent picture of it.  This plane started in Amman, Jordan and had a stop in Montreal before coming here.
 This CRJ-700 also arrived from Montreal's Trudeau Airport.
 An Embrear 170 that was arriving from Chicago's O'Hare Airport.
 This Boeing 717 was flying in from Charlotte.
 A CRJ that belongs to American Eagle.  I can't make out its tail number though.
 This Frontier Airbus A321 arriving from Orlando.  I never noticed the names on the front before but I assume it's the name of the animal on the tail.  In this case, Virginia Wolf.
 FlightAware isn't giving me the flight information on this Airbus A320.
 An Embrear 170 belonging to Shuttle America coming in from Dallas-Fort Worth.
 An MD-90 flying from Minneapolis-St Paul.
 A Delta MD-88 flying in from Indianapolis.
 Another Boeing 717.  This particular one was coming from Green Bay.
 This Embrear 170 was coming from Dulles in Washington DC.  The main terminal there was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and looks pretty cool.
 This particular 757 was coming in from Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta.
 I don't normally like rear shots of planes, but the 757 looks pretty nice from this angle.
 The Spirit in the Sky.  Except that I'm not sure where this Airbus A320 was arriving from.
 This 737 was coming from Seattle.
 An Airbus A319 coming from Boston.
 A United 737 coming from O'Hare.
 I'm not sure where this plane was coming from.
 This is a Republic Embrear 170.  They have the call sign of "Brickyard".
 A 767 arriving from Frankfurt.
 A 737 flying from San Francisco.
 Another 757 for me.
 This one was coming from San Diego.
 A CRJ-200.
 A Southwest 737.  I think it arrived from Midway in Chicago.
 I can't make out the tail number for this plane.
 A 757 arriving from Los Angeles (LAX).  Los Angeles is the third busiest airport in the world.  In 1928, the Los Angeles City Council selected 640 acres near Westchester for a new airport.  Originally, they were wheat, barley and lima fields that were cleared for the landing strips.    Originally, airports were known by a two letter code, the "X" was added in 1947. 
 Virgin Flight 107 coming in from London.
 I kind of like the nose art.  It reminds me of a bowsprit on a ship.
And my last plane was the 747 from Shanghai.  This is the same plane that I saw on Friday night.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Visit to Hidden Lake Gardens

I decided to head over to Hidden Lake Gardens next.
 The fall colors were mostly out.  The hills made for a nice effect.
 Another side of that.
 I kind of liked the framing for this one.
 Some flowers.
Looking up at the leaves.

Looking for the Heavies

Next I headed over to Metro Airport.  I was hoping to catch some of the heavies but it seems that their times have changed.  The planes were coming in from the south, so I started on the parking deck.
 As I arrived at the parking deck, this 757 was coming in for a landing from Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta.  It would return to Atlanta and then head to St. Louis and back to Atlanta.  As I type this post, it is on its way to Baltimore.
The 737 is taxiing to take off.  The CRJ just came in for a landing.
 This Frontier Airbus 321 was heading to Orlando.
 This Boeing 717 was coming in from LaGuardia.
 A Super King Air heading somewhere.
 This Embrear 170 was on its way to Chicago.
 I'm not sure where this 757 was coming from.
 The Delta 767 flight from London.
 One more shot of that.
I think this 747 was on its way to Beijing.

A Stop at the Barton Dam

After wandering around Ann Arbor, I decided to stop at Barton Dam.  As I stopped, I realized that it's been a while since I've been there.
 The Huron River was pretty smooth which made the reflections of the trees in the water look pretty cool.
 The dam looked even cooler with the reflections.
 I tried for different angles, since I didn't have to contend with the sun.
 I kind of wish they were running water down the dam.  Oh well.

 I figured I would try a shot in black and white.
And one more before moving on.