Sunday, May 15, 2022

Central Michigan Chippewas at Eastern Michigan Eagles - Baseball

 I love college sports and I think I would love to follow college baseball more but I live in a northern state.  College baseball usually starts in February.  Because it is winter in the northern areas, those teams tend to play their "home" games in southern locations.  This means that by the time the season are played at their actual homes, the season is almost half over.  

That shouldn't really matter.  But I decided to head to the game today.  Since I don't do a ton of baseball, I think I have some things to learn about shooting the game.  Anyway, this was my favorite picture from the game.  Sadly, Eastern Michigan lost.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

And the American Mariner

 This was the other ship that I was pretty sure I could catch.  She was heading upbound from Detroit.

This is the American Mariner and she is heading up to Marquette where I presume she will be picking up taconite.
She is about to pass the Indian Harbor.
I kind of like the skies in this one.
One more shot at Algonac.
Then I headed up to Marine City.  There were a bunch of my pictures that I couldn't use because of heat haze and humidity.
It was kind of shame because I really liked the light.  I liked some of the pictures that I did get.
The sky looked pretty cool though.
I think she has been hauling stone this year.  At least that is what her hull would indicate.
There are some pinks in the sky.
The beam shot.
She continues on.
One more shot because I like the sky here.
I got dinner from "Chicken in the Rough" in Port Huron.  I had the walleye and it was pretty good.  That gave me some time to catch the American Mariner as she passed Port Huron.
Unfortunately, the sun was behind some clouds, otherwise I would have been getting "golden light" shots.
She starts to make the turn for the channel.
I like the angles here.
Unfortunately, my exposure went a little nuts.
So I didn't get the bow shot.
She is pushing some wake.
I like the pinks in the sky.
Framed by the Blue Water Bridge.
I really like this shot.
A shot of her pilothouse.
What would be the beam shot.
And in about 30 hours, she'll be in Marquette.

Catching Up With the Indiana Harbor

 I was going to head down to Ottawa Wildlife Preserve today but as I looked at the sky I figured it would be a better ship sky than bird sky.  So I ended up heading over to the St. Clair River were I knew there were at least two ships passing.  It started to rain on the way over but I looked to the west and saw that it was going to let up for me, so I continued.

I caught my first ship as she was passing Marine City.
The ship in question was the Indiana Harbor.  She is one of thirteen 1000 footers that sail on the Great Lakes.
I think she is kind of a nice looking ship.
The clouds kind of gave me a nice backdrop but not as nice as I thought they would.
The Indiana Harbor is heading down to Conneaut, Ohio.
I presume she would have a load of iron ore.
One of the reasons that I like the Indiana Harbor.
I wish I could find this in a bumper sticker.
She continues down the river.
I decided to head over to Algonac to get more pictures of her.
The clouds were a little more cooperative.
I like this picture.
She passes by the park.
I really like this picture.
And I leave you with more reminder to keep the Lakes Great.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Catching an Engine in the Dearborn Yard

 As I was heading to the Oberstar, I saw that there was a train engine waiting in the yard.  I figured that I would get pictures as I left.

I kind of like this shot.  The sun was starting to set though.
I think I like this one a little better.  The light was a little more on the train.
And I like this one even better. The yellow comes out.
One more before heading home.

A Lovely Night on the Rouge River

 I ended up working remotely today.  I was half tempted to see how well the mobile hotspot on my phone worked but I decided against that.  I still took a look to see what ships would be passing after I got out of work.  I saw that there would be one heading up the Rouge River.  I ended up heading that way after dinner.

I didn't think that I would be able to catch her at the Fort Street Bridge, so I didn't take my drone with me.  That would have been true if she didn't have to stop for a rail bridge.
Oh well, it was a little on the windy side and I'm not sure I wanted to mess with my drone with a wind over the Rouge River.
She was coming down from Marquette with a load of taconite.
She would be heading to the steel mill.
I'm glad that I went because the light was just about perfect for me.
I just wish the water were a little calmer because it would have been a nice night for a reflection.
Oh well, I guess I can enjoy the cloudless night and the perfect angle for the sun.
I just love catching ships on the Rouge River.
They come so close and the background is a little more interesting that the usual background.
I can get a fair amount of different angles.
I guess I got a little bit of a reflection.
I like to see the little bit of steam coming from the stack.
I like this angle.
a shot of the pilothouse as she approaches the bridge.
A shot of the bow.
The Interlake flag flying proudly in the breeze.
The hatch crane.
Her rear area.
Her stack.
One of the crewman making sure she is staying a safe distance from the bridge.
And a shot of her flag as she passes by.  Normally I would get shots as she enters the dock for the steel mill but I would have been shooting into the sun.  So I didn't get those shots tonight.