Friday, November 25, 2022

Catching a Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk

 I went up to my cousin's for a Christmas dinner.  Today was pretty much the only day that everyone could meet, so we had it today.  It was pretty nice to see my cousins and the meal was pretty good.

I decided to take River Road the rest of the way up.  It runs along the Saginaw River.  Occasionally I will see freighters or wildlife.
I knew I wasn't going to see any freighters, so I was banking on seeing some wildlife.  I saw an eagle as I first turned onto River Road.  He flew away as soon as I got my camera out.
As I was continuing up, I saw this guy land.  I stopped and got out to take some pictures of him.
Apparently it is a juvenile red tailed hawk.
It was pretty cool to see and I'm fairly happy with the pictures.
And then it flew away.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Catching the Tregurtha on the Rouge River

 I saw that the Lee A. Tregurtha was going to make her way up the Rouge River.  I like catching ships on the Rouge, so I headed over that way.

The Lee A. Tregurtha was heading down from Marquette.
She had a load of taconite.
And she was delivering that load to the Rouge Steel Mill.
I stopped at a little park that is next to the Fort Street Bridge.  I decided that I wanted to use my drone here.
I was trying different angles with my drone.  I kind of like it a little lower.
She gets closer.
I think I like this shot.  It's fairly well balanced.
I decided to raise my drone up.
Looking down on the ship.
Another shot.
It's amazing watching these ships come through the Rouge River.  It doesn't seem like they have enough space.
I really like this shot.  You can see the Detroit skyline off in the distance.
So then I headed over to the Dix Avenue Bridge.
I think this is one of my favorite places to shot on the Great Lakes.
The neighborhood is a little rough but it's pretty industrial, so probably safe.
The water was almost smooth enough for a reflection.
You can see the bow thruster symbol in the water, sort of.
I've said it before but I really like the scrubbers that have been installed on these ships.  The steam from them make them look like steamships again.
She gets a little closer.
You can see a little bit of the bridge here.
A shot of her pilothouse.
She comes out on the other side.
The water seemed a little smoother on this side.
One of her hatches.  These hatches all have standard dimensions so that they can pull up to almost any loading dock.  Giant chutes come over and deposit the ore in them.
Her Plimsoll lines.
A gangway.
I never noticed this sign before.
Her work boat.
Her stack.  All ships have unique stack markings.
A shot of her stern.
Old Glory in all her glory on Thanksgiving afternoon.
She makes the turn for her slip.
As I said, it was smoother on this side, so you could see the reflections better.
Probably my favorite shot on the lakes.
She makes the turn with Old Glory flapping in the breeze.
And one more shot before heading home.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

A Cold Blustery Sunday Means.....

 It snowed last night and enough of it fell that some of it stuck.  It was also cold today, so I didn't really feel like going out in the cold again.  But I figure that I could give my camera some work and take a picture of one of my diecast models.

I will have to say that diecast models have come a long way since the diecast models from Matchbox and Corgi.  The Corgi models aren't too bad but sometimes they have seams and stuff that distract from the looks.
This particular model is from a company called Hobby Master.  When the Russians invaded Ukraine earlier, I decided that I wanted a model of a Ukrainian MiG-29.  Especially after I heard the story of the Ghost of Kiev.  Sadly, it turns out that the story was not true but it sounds like Ukraine still has an air force, which is amazing after all of this time.  The story went that the Ghost of Kiev took down five Russian planes in the early days of the war.  That alone with have made him (or her.  Later it was revealed it might have been one of their female pilots).
At the beginning of the invasion, it looked grim for the Ukrainians.  The Russian army was bearing down on Kiev and it looked like they were going to take over the city and decapitate the country.  But through some pluckiness on the part of Ukraine and some help from the west, the invasion was stalled.  It also helped that the Russians weren't prepared for the undertaking.  Recently, the Ukrainians have been able to take back some ground.
The MiG-29 was developed as a counter to the F-15 and F-16 coming out of the United States and some of the advanced fighters that were coming out of Europe.  It was developed as an air superiority fighter.  It has since been developed as a multi-role fighter and has seen a number of upgrades.  It has been sold to many of the former Warsaw Pact countries and India.  Over 1,600 have been produced.
In capable hands, it is a pretty capable fighter but in many cases it is not in capable hands.  One of the neater features is that one of the versions has an integrated helmet which will aim weapons in the direction the pilot is looking. 
Again, while not as advanced as its western counterparts, it is still a fairly capable aircraft.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

A Brief Bit of Planespotting

 After I finished watching the Alpena, I decided to look at FlightRadar and saw that there was 757 coming in.  I headed over to Metro Airport to do a little planespotting.

First up was an A319 belong to Delta Air Lines.
I wasn't going to catch the planes before the 757, but I didn't feel like just sitting around.
This plane was coming in from Reagan International Airport in Washington, DC.
Next up was a 737.
I heard that Delta would be getting some 737-MAXes.  
This particular one was coming in from Baltimore.
A CRJ-900 run by Delta but belonging to Sky West.  It was coming in from White Plains, New York.
Next up was an A321, also belonging to Delta.
This plane reminds me of the 757, but I don't think it's as good.
This particular one was coming in from Fort Lauderdale.  I think Delta is swapping the 757 for this plane.
This is another plane that I was interested in catching.
It is the last remaining descendant of the DC-9.  Well at least last remaining passenger service.  Other airlines the MD versions for cargo.
This plane was coming in from Charlotte.
I saw that the 757 was coming in on the other runway.  I decided to head there because I saw that they were doing some construction near my old normal spotting place.
Sure enough they were and I was able to catch the plane.  I didn't think I could stay long though.
It was cool to catch the 757.
This particular one was coming in from Fort Myers, Florida.