Friday, September 10, 2021

The Lee A. Tregurtha on the Rouge River

 On Wednesday, I saw that there were a couple of ships heading towards Detroit.  I was thinking that I would go to Belle Isle to catch them.  That is until I saw that the Lee A. Tregurtha was making her way up the Rouge River.

I've caught Lee on the Rouge before but not with my drone.  So this was kind of cool.
I started at the Fort Street Bridge because I just missed her at the Jefferson Bridge.  The Jefferson Avenue Bridge was going down as I was approaching.
I was going to catch her at the Fort Street Bridge regardless.  I guess as long as there weren't any issues with the railroad bridge.
Because she was heading to the steel mill, she was carrying taconite.
The light was just about right but I didn't count on the shadows on my ship.
It kind of made it look like she hand a funky paint job.
But I think of the pictures, I like this one the best.
One more shot before moving on.
And then I headed over to the Dix Avenue Bridge to catch her with my regular camera.
I was thinking about using the drone here but the area is not really good for drones.  There are too many wires.
The light was just about perfect for my regular camera though.
And I love catching ships on the Rouge River.
I wish the water was a little calmer though.
She approaches the bridge.
One more shot before the Bridge.
A shot of her pilothouse.
A closeup so that you can see her ribbons from her service in World War II.
Her bow pops up on the otherside.
Her anchor.
Another shot of her pilothouse.
She continues past.
Her hatch crane.
Another shot of the rear of her pilothouse.
She is almost fully loaded.  The diamond with the line through it is her fully loaded line.
A passageway.
Her boat.
Her stack.
The US flag flying proudly in the breeze.
She makes the turn for the steel mill.
And this is probably my favorite shot on the lakes.

And Catching the Cormorant

As I've said, these are my happy place bird.

I saw this cormorant fly over the channel into Grand Haven.

Catching the Herbert C. Jackson Near Grand Haven

 So on Sunday, I decided to head over to Grand Haven because I saw that the Herbert C. Jackson was heading in.  What I didn't realize was that it was a pretty windy day.

When I arrived in Grand Haven, I saw the Jackson making her way for the channel.  And then shortly after I took this picture, she turned away.  I think it was too windy for her to enter but it didn't really seem like it.  Then again, it's not my job on the line as I'm just taking pictures, the Captain could damage his ship.
She then started to do lazy circles near the channel.  I waited for about a half hour before I decided that she probably wasn't going to come in any time soon.  As I checked AIS a little later, I saw that she did come in.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll be out that way again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The American Courage Comes to the Cleveland Bulk Terminal

 So the next ship was a bonus.

The American Courage was coming from Ashtabula after unloading what I presume was stone.
Her destination on AIS read "Marblehead" which I assumed meant she was heading to Marblehead.
When I saw she was behind the Federal Seto, I realized she was also coming into Cleveland.
I hoping that she was heading for the river.
And for a while, it looked like she might.
Until she started to turn.
And then I realized that she was heading for the Cleveland Bulk Terminal.
There she would pick up iron ore to take down to the steel mill at the bottom of the Cuyahoga River.
As I type this post, she is still doing shuttle runs.
I think they like to switch up the ships that do this.
A shot of her pilothouse before moving on.

The Federal Seto Comes Into Cleveland

 So this is the ship that I was waiting for.

It was the Federal Seto but I'm not sure where she was coming from.
MarineTraffic listed her origin as Port Colborne, but that is the port on the Lake Erie side of the Welland Canal.  I'm pretty sure she came from somewhere else.
She was soon joined by the Pennsylvania.  And in the background was the bonus ship that I caught.
She gets nudged towards the Cleveland Port Terminals.
Cleveland has a number of slips for salties.  I think one of those slips can handle containers.
She moves over towards the east.
A shot of her pilothouse.
You can see the tug pushing her into position.  I was kind of surprised to see the tug as I thought she had bow thrusters.
She gets into position for her slip.
Another shot of that.
The Samuel Mather is in the background.
One more shot before moving to my other ship.