Tuesday, August 9, 2022

You Can't Park There

I sometimes have a little time between boats.

The weather was looking threatening again but I had one more ship to catch and I wasn't going to miss her.
I kind of liked this shot of the seagull.  Especially with its wings outstretched.
I'm not sure what his handicap is though.
One more shot.

The Lakes' Newest Resident

 One of the boats I ended up catching was one that I hoped that would be able to catch fairly soon.

She was launched about a month ago.
She was built by Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay.  I believe she is the first ship to be built on the Great Lakes in almost 40 years.  She is the first new ship build for Interlake since 1981.
It took close to two years to build her.
She has the boom on the front so that she can get into certain ports.
She's a little bit smaller for that purpose as well.
She has a flat bottom so that she can carry more cargo.
She will be officially christened in Cleveland a little later this year.
Her first trip was to Muskegon.
From Muskegon, she went up to Brevort.
I believe she picked up Salt there.
In this trip she is heading to Buffalo.  This is her first trip under the Blue Water Bridge.
I think she still has that new boat smell.
I'll have to say that she looks pretty cool.
I'm sure I will be seeing her for many years to come.
But it was nice to see her this early.
And this is where the exposure compensation on my drone messed me up.
The clouds would have looked much cooler but they were washed out.
The ship is okay though.
She has cargo hatches that are more like the hatches on salties.
I think her holds are specially designed to carry salt.
An older boat passes by her.
I kind of like this shot.
She is named after the current President of Interlake.
She continues down the river.
One more shot with my normal camera.

Catching a Rare Visitor

This is the ship that got me out boatwatching on Sunday.  It's a ship that doesn't come to this end fo the state much.  Usually I have to go catch her on the other side of the state.

The Wilfred Sykes ended up going to Dearborn on Saturday.  I'm not sure what she was delivering there.  I think it was coke for the steel mill.
I was pretty sure that she was going to pick up something.  Usually when she picks up something at a steel mill, it is a long load, so I figured I would have a chance to catch her on Sunday.
I wasn't sure if she would be stopping for fuel.  That would have been the main variable in this whole exercise.
Even if she did, that would have added two hours to my day.  But she didn't, so I caught her about when I expected to.
She is definitely one of my favorite boats and because of her paint job, she is one of the more beautiful active boats on the lakes.
She has a pretty nice profile too.
The skies were getting a little interesting for me.
She continues up the river.
One more before moving on.
I was hoping to catch her in St. Clair too but I didn't think I would have enough time to do that and catch the other ship I was hoping to catch.
Since the other ship was heading downbound, I decided to catch the Sykes from a different spot.
The angles here aren't as pronounce as if I caught her from the other spot but still not bad.  I was sad that I didn't get a head shot though.
She continues past Port Huron.
I love this ship.
One more before switching to my drone.
And then I switched to my drone.  Unfortunately, I had the exposure compensation set too high.
It wasn't too bad.
But some of the details were washed out.
I like this picture though.
Almost beam shot.
She soldiers on.
She makes the turn for the channel.
I kind of like this shot.
I love her wake.
And she heads out to Lake Huron.
A parting shot with my normal camera before the next ship.