Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Algosea Docked

When I got down to Belanger this morning, I saw that the Algosea was docked there.

I liked the way the light was hitting it, so I decided to take pictures.  I really like the pink in the water under it.
I took one more picture before I left.  The sun was a little higher.  I kind of like the picture though.

And the CSL Welland

 Given that I got up fairly early and didn't sleep well last night, I figured I wasn't going to do anything else today.  I saw that there was one more ship passing, so I decided to catch her.

The CSL Welland was coming down from somewhere.
I think she was coming down from Thunder Bay.
I actually think she might have been laid up there.
Based on the fact that she was heading to Montreal, I think she had a load of grain.
She has a configuration that is typically used for grain.
I forgot that she had the mural on her pilothouse.
It was windy today or I would have had my drone with me.
She continues down the river.
She is supposed to be in Montreal on Friday.

A Suprise Visitor

 I also had today off.  One of the ships that I was tracking was the Sykes.

She laid up in Sturgeon Bay and when she left Sturgeon Bay, she headed down to Burns Harbor.
I thought that meant a trip to Grand Haven.
But instead, it turned out to be a trip to Cleveland.
That meant she would be passing by here.  So I looked at where she was and tried to figure out when she would be passing.  I was hoping that I could track her down from Port Huron to Belanger Park.
She passed Port Huron way too early this morning but I saw that I had a chance to catch her at Belanger Park.  The sun would be just coming up.
It was pretty cool to catch her.
And I think I got her in pretty good light.
The Detroit skyline behind her.
I have a feeling, she will be making this trip again this year.
Sadly, she was moving to where the sun way.
I kind of like this shot.
Too bad the sun was right behind her.
Her pilothouse.
She continues on to Cleveland.
If I had been paying attention, I could have caught her in Cleveland too.

Fowl Creatures

 This pictures span two days.  Often when I am out boatwatching, I have a little downtime.  That gives me the opportunity to take some duck pictures.

This is a Canada goose as he flies by.
I think this is a merganser.
A male and female pair.
I'm not sure what kind of duck this is.
But it looks pretty cool.
Another pictures.
In flight.
Another one.
A seagull.
This is a long tail duck.
Another picture of him.
This one is from this morning.
A goose coming in for a landing.

And the CSL Tadoussac

 To catch the next ship, I went to the other end of the Detroit River.  It was getting late in the day and it was kind of overcast, so I wanted to make sure I caught her.

So I headed down to Belanger Park.
It is at the other end of the Detroit River.
The ship in question was the CSL Tadoussac.
She is the other classic laker that is owned by the Canada Steamship Lines.
It rare that I catch one of them and it is even rarer when I catch both of them.
I'm not sure where she was heading from.
But she was heading up to Duluth Superior.
I think that means she is going up to get coal.
I think that means she is heading back to Nanticoke.
Based on the distances of the Great Lakes and shipping times, it means I might have a chance to catch her on Saturday.
I hope so because I would like to catch her loaded.
As I was finishing, the sun started to come out.

Which looked cool against the gray sky.