Monday, January 27, 2020

Waiting for the Stealth Plane

I was thinking of going up north to catch the snowy owls on Saturday except that the weather did not look that great.  So I decided to stick home to catch some birds of a different sort.
 I decided to go to the roof of the McNamara parking garage again.  The first plane I caught was a 737 coming in from Atlanta.
 It was followed by a 757-300 that was coming in from Fort Myers, Florida.
 I would imagine the people on that plane were happy when they got out in the weather.
 Fortunately, it was slightly above freezing on Saturday, so the roads weren't that bad.  I heard that wasn't the case near Bay City though.
 A touch of tire smoke.
 I like the -300 version of the 757.  The long neck makes it look like a swan.
 It turns towards the gate.
 Next up was an A319 arriving from Reagan National Airport in Washington DC.
 It passes the gaggle of UPS planes.  One of these days, I would like to catch a UPS plane in action but it seems like all of the UPS planes around here are nocturnal creatures.
 The A319 turning towards the gate.  One of the things I like about this spot is the chance to get a head shot.
 Next up was a 717 coming in from Baltimore.
 I really like these planes.
 One more shot of it.
 A 737 coming from Fort Lauderdale.
 One of the other things I like about this spot is the ability to get planes as they are taking off.
 This 757 was on its way to Fort Lauderdale.
 It passes overhead.
 Then it disappears into the clouds.
 An Embrear 145 belonging to American Eagle coming in from Philadelphia.
 One of the other planes I was waiting for.
This was an A330 arriving from Frankfurt belonging to Lufthansa.
 On a clearer day, you can see the Detroit skyline.
 I like this livery.
 Cut off by a CRJ.
 A straight out shot.
 And it turns towards its gate.
 This CRJ-900 was arriving from Cleveland.
 A Frontier A320neo coming in from Miami.
 Passes the Detroit skyline.
 This particular plane has the grizzly bear tail.  I think it is Jojo the Grizzly.
 I do like their livery.
 A Spirit Airlines A320 taking off for Palm Beach.
 A beacon shot.
 A beacon shot as a 717 arrives from St. Louis.
 Another shot of the 717.
 One more shot of the Frontier plane.
 An Embrear 170 landing form Columbus.
 I kind of like the looks of these planes.
 A Spirit Airlines A320 on its way to LaGuardia.
 This A320 was on its way to Miami.
 And lift off.
 It passes by.
 The plane that was the reason for the title.
 It is N117DU and is an A220.  This particular one was coming in from Boston.
 I'll call it the stealth plane because it has 117 in its number.  The stealth fighter used to be called the F-117.
 As I've said before, this plane is growing on me.
 It is a pretty nice looking plane.
 An A320 coming in from Jacksonville.
 It was followed by an A320 from LaGuardia.
 This E190 was on its way to Monterrey.
 And it passes by.
 My last plane would be a 757.
 It was coming in from Orlando.
 A bit of smoke.
 I love the 757.
 One more angle of it.
 A headshot.
And it turns for its gate.