Saturday, June 30, 2018

Michigan Exposures Hits the Road - Day 3

I had a bunch going on today.  I caught three ships before leaving the Soo.  One of them was a ship worth waiting for (at least for me).  If I had gotten up earlier, I could have caught a few more.  Then I headed towards Chicago in order to make an attempt at catching an A380.  I went via Wisconsin again and I ended up catching three lighthouses and some Littoral Combat Ships.
Anyway, the ship in question was the Roger Blough and this is the first time I caught her after her repainting.  It was pretty cool.

As usual, I will post more when I get home.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Michigan Exposures on the Road - Day 2

Most of my reason for coming up here is because of the ships.  This ship was one that I got up fairly early for.  I wasn't quite sure when she was going to arrive and I thought that I was going to miss her.
I thought the fog over the water was pretty cool.  It burned off though.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Michigan Exposures Hit the Road

As I write this post I am in Sault Ste. Marie.  I am here for my annual trek to Engineer's Day.  It looks like it might be a fairly busy day tomorrow.  Anyway, we'll see.  It sounds like it supposed to be hot tomorrow though, I'm hoping that is not the case up here.  If it is, I'll probably just stick around Mission Point.
Anyway, my dad was driving, so I had the opportunity to get some pictures crossing the bridge.  Anyway, I will post more pictures when I get home.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Catching the Heavies Amongst the Raindrops

Friday is Engineer's Day and I usually head up on Thursday.  I was entertaining the idea of heading up there today so I ended up taking today off.  I didn't head up there today but I decided to get some aircraft pictures.  If I would have known, I would have chased after the Blough instead.  Oh well, hopefully I'll get her on Friday.
 It seems like the heavies usually arrive at Detroit Metro around noon.  First up was this A330 from Paris.
 While not a heavy, it is still a cool plane.  This MD-90 is arriving from Bradley Locks.
 I decided to head over to the other side of the airport because it looked like the Lufthansa 747 was heading over that.   Instead, I got this 717 arriving from LaGuardia.
 It turned out that she ended up landing on the other runway.  Even though I had to blow up the picture a bit, it's still not a bad shot.
 The 717 from LaGuardia again.
 Another angle of the 747.  It was cool enough that I didn't get much heat distortion.
 This MD-90 was arriving from Minneapolis.
 Even though I wasn't near the perfect runway for the 747, I was able to get some good shots of 757s.
 This one was coming in from Los Angeles.
 It was followed by one from Seattle.
 Another angle of that plane.
 The Amsterdam A330 on the other runway.
 An AeroMexico E190 arriving from Monterrey.
 Because I like the livery, another shot of it.
 A 737 coming in from Phoenix.
 A 767 arriving from Munich on the other runway.
 A 717 from Munich.
 And one more 757.
 This one was arriving from Chicago O'Hare.
 I kind of liked this shot.
I was getting ready to leave when I saw this E190 arriving from Silao, Mexico.  It's funny because I saw this same plane on Sunday.

I will try to do updates from the road.

And the Indiana Harbor

So I looked at Marine Traffic before leaving Belle Isle.  I saw that there would be another ship coming down.
 It turned out that ship was the Indiana Harbor and I also have a friend who on her.  So I figured that I would go catch her.
 I'm not sure where she was coming from but she was headed to Cleveland.
 I think when the thousand footers head to Cleveland, they just go to the bulk terminal where they fill it up for the smaller ships to carry it up the Cuyahoga.
 Although it would be pretty awesome seeing one of these beasts navigating the Cuyahoga.
 Anyway, it was nice to see this ship.
 Just to give you an idea of the size of one of these.
 I love this sticker.
And she continues on to Cleveland.  I think it is another 14 hours or so from this point.

The Frontenac Downbound at Belle Isle

This is the ship that I wanted to catch on Sunday.
 She is the Frontenac and one of the last classic Canadian lakers left.
 I'm not sure how much longer she's got.  She might even got a new lease on life because I think her and the CSL Tadoussac were laid up for a bit.
 My only complaint is the ugly self-unloader on her back but I think that keeps her in business.
 Hopefully she will be around for a while longer.
 Until that day comes, I will try to enjoy her as much as possible.
 I'm not quite sure where she was heading though.
And she continues on her way.

The Mounties Going After Their Man

There is saying that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police always gets its man.  I don't often get post pictures of the Mounties on here, so it was kind of cool.
 After the Windsor police boat passed by, I saw another one.  As I saw it in the distance, I wasn't quite sure what it was.
 It looked like any other boat.
 But as it got closer, I thought it was a police boat of some sort.
 And then I saw that it was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police boat.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police force is the federal and national police force of Canada.  It provides police protection all across Canada and was formed in 1920 after the merging of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police and the Dominion Police.  They only use their horses in ceremonial functions though.
One more shot.

Another One

  I'm wondering if the Coast Guard was performing some kind of exercise.  The last boat was quickly followed by this next one.
 This time it was a Windsor Police Boat.
 It is also a Defender class boat.
 I'm not sure how many are in their possession though.
 anyway, it was kind of cool to see.
 But I was still hoping to see a helicopter.
Or not.