Tuesday, August 28, 2018

But Wait, There's More

I didn't really feel like doing much on Sunday but then around 3:00, I heard the distinctive sound of a fighter engine.
 So  I grabbed my camera and went outside.  I didn't get to see much though.  I don't think the winds were favorable for them passing over my apartment.
 I did get to see the diamond.
 The sun hit the delta formation just right.
I had to do a little modifying for this one, but I kind of like it.

And with that, the Thunderbirds went on to their next place.  It was fun to catch them though.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Thunder Over Michigan - Air Show - 2018 - Part III

Gaul was divided into three parts and so was this post.  The next part is mostly the Thunderbirds and some post show stuff.
 It was still cloudy when the Tunderbirds performed, so they did their low ceiling demonstration.  That is still pretty cool though.
 There was a bit of moisture but I couldn't get the right angles to get the trails off the planes, but I like this picture.
 The famed diamond formation.
 The passing diamond.
 The opposing solos doing the mirror formation.  I was almost in the right spot to get a perfect mirror.
 One of the solo planes in passing.
 The two solo planes passing each other.
 Echelon formation.
 I think this is where they were flying slow over the sky.
 Some more vapor trails.
 The low bomb burst.
 The other mirror formation.
 Preparing the land.
 A P-59 Airacobra.  Sadly, I didn't see this guy fly either.
the Yankee Lady coming in for a landing.

Thunder Over Michigan - Air Show - 2018 - Part II

So we continue our pictures from the Air Show on Saturday.
 The Yankee Lady coming in for a landing.  They were offering flights on her through the day.
 As she gets closer.
 The C-47 coming in for a landing.
 I couldn't get a good shot of his Stuart tank, but I think I got a pretty good shot of the re-enactor himself.
 One of the ground troops.
 Another shot of the tanker.
 This B-17 is called "Texas Raiders" and is part of the Commemorative Air Force.
 I kind of like the fact that it is green.  I think that is supposed to depict an earlier war B-17.
 Towards the end of the war, they stopped painting them because the weight of the paint equaled at least one more bomb.
 Still it was pretty cool.
 The Yankee Lady simulating getting hit.
 Another angle of the Texas one.
 And the Yankee Lady.
 For this shot, I slowed down the shutter speed to get some motion blur in the props.
 I think I like this shot a little better.
 The Yankee Lady.
 Another one of the ground re-enactors.
 the Texas B-17.
 Yankee Lady.

 The C-47 coming in for a landing.
 This biplane was flown by Sean Tucker.  He's been a stunt flyer for a while.
 They announced that this would be one of his last shows as a solo pilot.  He would be part of team after this.
 He was pretty neat to watch.
 Doing a roll.
 Getting ready for the next maneuver.
 Going into a dive.
 Climbing again.

 And he flies under the ribbon.
 As he is cutting the ribbon.  I should have raised the camera little bit to get the full plane in the shot.
And after he cut the ribbon.