Saturday, April 27, 2024

The Frankfort Lighthouse on a Windy Day

I thought I was going to head up to Traverse City today but I only made it as far as Frankfort.
It was a pretty nice day for a drive but it was also pretty windy.  So I decided to stop at the lighthouse.
The waves weren't quite as tall as I thought they would be but they were pretty impressive.
So I had to get pictures of different waves.
I kind of like this one.
Then I swung my camera over to the channel marker side.  There was a little more action, but I wasn't catching it.
I like this one.
There were a couple windsurfers out too.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Tug Pennsylvania Again

 While I was waiting for the Lee Tregurtha, I was able to get a picture of this tug.

It is out of order though.  Oh well.  Enjoy.

Catching the Lee A. Tregurtha

 So I had one more ship to catch.  I wasn't sure if she would be passing in time but I was able to catch her.

The Lee A. Tregurtha was coming down from Marquette.
She was wearing a new coat of paint (I don't think I noticed before).
She had a load of taconite, so she was heading to Dearborn to deliver it.
It was still a pretty nice day, very few clouds.
And she's a nice looking ship.
She makes the turn for the channel.
Probably my favorite views.
One more.
Then I switched to my drone.  I wasn't sure how many shots I'd get as it was running low on battery.
But I was able to catch the Westcott hooking up with her.
I like the red hull against the blue water.
The Ambassador Bridge makes a nice backdrop.
She continues on.
Moving down.
the beam shot.
She goes down the river.
The Gordie Howe Bridge in the background.
And then I headed to the Rouge River.
There were quite a few others there as well.
the sun was just about perfect.
Stirring up some seagulls.
She passes the dock where the Great Lakes Towing tugs are.
One of the newer tugs.
The Pennsylvania.
ONe more here.
My drone was out, so I just headed over to the Dix Avenue Bridge.
It was getting a little cloudier.
But still nice.
Her stirring pole.
Her pilothouse and you can clearly see her ribbons.
She moves past.
the rear of her pilothouse.
Her plimsoll lines.
A hatch.  Each of these hatches are a standard size so they can be loaded by a hopper.
Her crane control.
A sign about trespassers.
One of her boats.
Her stack.
Old Glory flying proudly.
She passes.
I love this view.
One more shot as she swings into her dock.