Friday, October 22, 2021

Saying Hello to An Old Friend

So I decided to head to the airport last night.  It has been a while and I saw that I had a chance to catch both 787s last night.
I arrived in time to catch the Royal Jordanian 787 but it was landing on the other runway.
The flight originates in Amman, Jordan but takes a stop in Montreal.  I'm not sure why because I've see it fly all the way from Amman.
At any rate, this is one of my favorite liveries.
It was followed by the Air France 787.  Which did land on the right runway.
This plane came from Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris.
This flight was stopped for a while.  Now it is back to five days a week, I think.
I went to the other side of the airport to catch the next plane.  It looked like it was going to land on that runway.
I should have known better because UPS usually lands on the east runway.  This 757 was coming in from Louisville.
Next up was a 737.
This was an American Airlines 737.
It was coming in from Dallas-Fort Worth.
Next up was another flight I was hoping to catch.
It is Flight 505 from Memphis.
It used to be an MD-11 or DC-10.  Now it is a 767, mostly.
It is still pretty cool to see.
Even though I was losing my light, I had to stay for one more plane.
It was a 757-300.
And it was coming in from Las Vegas.
And probably my favorite angle.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Herbert C. Jackson Enters Grand Haven

 On Sunday morning, I saw that the Herbert C. Jackson was going to making her way into Grand Haven.  I figured that it was a nice enough day that I would head over to catch her.  After saying good bye to my relatives, I went over.  I took kind of a convoluted but different way.  I almost was going to call it off because of the wind but I'm glad that I didn't.

When I finally got over to Grand Haven, I looked at the water and I wasn't sure that she was going to be coming in.  I think the wind was blowing in, so that it why she was coming.  If the wind were blowing across the channel, she might have anchored and waited.
I saw that she was coming in and when I checked Marine Traffic, she was coming in at her normal speed.  At that point, I was pretty confident she was coming it.
As you can see, Lake Michigan was pretty angry.
I wasn't particularly happy with the angle of the sun but it wasn't directly in front of me.
I don't think I've ever seen the water brown over here.  The wind must have been kicking up some sediment.
The headshot.
She enters the channel.
I kind of like the shot with the lighthouse and range light in it.
Another one as she gets closer.
I wish I would have seen a train in this one, it could have been my trifecta.
The wind was probably about at my limit but I'm glad I took my drone up.  I couldn't take it too high though.
But I kind of like these lower angles.
She passes by, but slowly.
I kind of like this one.  You can see the wave action.
You can see all the folks lining the pier to catch her.
She makes the turn for the rest of the channel.
Then I went over to the boat launch to get some pictures as she was heading into the dock.  The sun was definitely not my friend over here.
I took my drone up again.  The sun made it even more difficult.
Fortunately, I could get the right angle though.
I love this ship.
One more before heading home.

A Concrete Camelback Bridge

So anyway, my cousin was having a wedding in a barn and my mom couldn't get to it.  There was a large ramp in front of the barn and a pretty crappy parking lot.  So we ended up not going to the wedding.  I decided to take US-12 over to St. Joseph.  I was hoping to get a picture of the lighthouse there.

As we were heading west on US-12, we passed this bridge.  I remember it from the many times that I've taken US-12.  I remembered that it was a historically significant bridge.
The proper name is a curved core through girder bridge.  This is the longest example of that type of bridge.  This one has what amounts to three spans.  I've seen these with one span.  These bridges used to be a fairly common sight in Michigan but many have been replaced and this remains one of the last ones.  It is a good thing they decided to preserve this one when they built the new bridge.
It goes over the St. Joseph River.  I didn't realize how much this curves until it exits at St. Joseph.
I did make it to St. Joseph but when I got there, I did the B4UFLY app and it was under an authorization zone.  It was also a little on the windy side, so I decided to not get pictures of the lighthouse.  Maybe some other day.

The Langley Covered Bridge

 On Saturday, one of my cousins was getting married.  The wedding was near Coldwater and was later in the afternoon, so I figured I would have a chance to get some pictures of the covered bridge near there.

It was a little on the windy side, but not too bad.  But before I took drone shots, I decided to use my regular camera.
Unfortunately, it was a cold day.
Another angle.  The bridge was built in 1887.
And then I switched to my drone.  I was hoping that there would be some color in the trees behind it.
Well more color than was already there.
I took it up higher but this was about as high as I could go.
Tried some different angles.
Looking down it.
From the other side.  It seemed like there was more light over here.
One more shot before moving on.