Thursday, July 29, 2021

Catching the Astrojet

 I was kind of waffling about doing something tonight and then I saw that a plane that I wanted to catch would be heading to Metro Airport.

If I would have gotten there a few minutes sooner, I would have caught two of these instead of one.
Anyway, this is a 757-300 and it was coming in from San Francisco.
As I've said multiple times, I love the 757.
And one more shot.
An A321 coming in Fort Myers.
A CRJ-900 coming in from Houson.
And this one was coming in from O'Hare.
An E175 coming in from Louisville.
A 737 arriving from Denver.
This is another of my favorites.  It is the last of the DC-9 family.  I'm not sure how much longer it is going to be around.  This particular one was coming in from St. Louis.
A CRJ-900 coming in from Cincinnati.
A CRJ-200 coming in from Knoxville.
An A321 from Boston.
This CRJ-900 was coming in from Albany.
Another one coming in from Memphis.
This CRJ-200 coming in from Appleton, Wisconsin.
Another one coming in from Bloomington, Indiana.
And this one was coming in from Evansville.
An A319 coming from Nashville.
A 737 coming from Atlanta.
An E175 belonging to United Airlines coming from O'Hare.
A CRJ-900 coming from Greenville.
This is the plane that I wanted to see.
It is an American Airlines plane in one of their old liveries.
It is called the Astrojet.
It was arriving from Dallas-Fort Worth.
And one more shot because I like this livery.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Catching One of the Movie Stars

 I looked at Marine Traffic tonight and saw that a favorite was downbound.

At one time, the Michipicoten was known as the Elton Hoyt and in that time, she was shown during the opening crawl of Grosse Pointe Blank.
It was a fairly long opening crawl and it makes her one of the Great Lakes ships that has a movie appearance.
I think she was heading down from Marquette.
She was heading to Toledo which I think means she might have had a load of iron.
At any rate, it was nice to see her because she is one of the better looking boats.
Other than the iron ore deck on her sides, she looks pretty good for a Lower Lakes boats.
I'm not sure how much longer we will be seeing her.
At any rate, I'm glad she's been coming down this way more often.
And then I switched to my drone.
I was shooting from a different spot in St Clair because they had my normal spot blocked off for some boat races this weekend.
This wasn't a bad spot though.
The beam shot.
She continues on her way.
One more shot with my drone.
And one more shot with my normal camera.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

A Brief Stop at the Airport

 After catching the ships, I decided to make a brief stop at the airport.  I wasn't sure what I would catch but I figured catching a couple planes would be cool.

An Embrear 175 belonging to American Eagle coming in from Philadelphia.  Unfortunately, I was shooting towards the sun and I had to use a different metering.
I like this Spirit livery but it seems to be a dying breed.  This A320 was arriving from LaGuardia.
A CRJ-900 coming in from O'Hare.
The more common Spirit livery.  This A321 was coming in from Fort Lauderdale.
One of the planes I was hoping to catch.
The A350 which I call the Trash Panda.
This one was arriving from Incheon in South Korea.
An American Airlines 737 coming in from Dallas-Fort Worth.
Another plane that I was waiting for.
Mainly because the 757 is my favorite.
This particular one was arriving from Atlanta.