Saturday, September 30, 2023

Heading Up to Shiawassee

 As I was about ready to not do anything today, I looked up a Shiawassee group on Facebook today and I saw that today was the last day it would be open this season.  So I decided to head up there as it was a pretty nice day to do so.

First thing I saw was an egret.  But I usually see those around.
He's looking around.
I reached a spot where people were bunched up.  I was wondering why and then I saw this guy.
Apparently he is one of two fox kits they have at Shiawassee.  And I'll have to admit, he was pretty cute.
I was able to get a few pictures of him because I stayed far enough away and he was eating something.
He almost looks like he is laughing.
One more shot.
A heron.
A turtle and a turtle reflection.  I think it was a painted turtle but the lines seem too intricate.
Another heron.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Catching Air Force One

 I found out that President Biden was coming to this area today to visit the striking workers.  I had a good idea of what time he would be arriving, so I checked the ADSB Exchange at around that time and found out that he was somewhere over Pennsylvania.  So I took an early lunch and headed over to the airport.

I also had a good idea of which way he would be coming, so I headed over to the industrial park that is just west of I-275.  I knew that the runways on the east side of the airport were closed, so I didn't have to worry that he would be using one of those.
As I was waiting for the main event, this Embrear 175 was coming in.
It was coming in from Pittsburgh.
As I was waiting, I decided to plug my scanner in and that was when I heard the magic words, "Air Force One cleared for landing on Runway 4R".   That was not the runway that was right next to me, but it was close enough.
Sadly, it was a cloudy day but the rain had stopped while the plane was coming in.
I kind of wish I had better light but this will do.  I was able to do some cleaning up in my photo program.
I will have to say this is a beautiful aircraft and I am glad that they aren't going to use one of the designs of the previous President.
I think this is a nice elegant look, especially since it was basically designed by Jackie Kennedy.
I'm not sure how much longer this design is going to be around as they are building replacements for these planes.
Considering these planes are 30 years old, it is probably time to retire them.
One more shot.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Catching the Manitou

 I guess this is another bonus of sorts.

the Manitou was called up from Port Huron to help bring the NACC Antigua in.
She's a nice looking tug and it seems like her owners take care of her.
the beam shot.
One more before moving along.

And a Bonus

 As I was taking pictures of the NACC Antigua, I looked across the river and saw that there was another ship unloading.

The American Courage was as the Bay Aggregates Dock.
She was unloading stone from Calcite.
Fortunately for me, she was in with her bow facing out because that's what I like to shoot.
She is moving up a little bit.
And she started to unload the rest of her load.
I'll have to admit she is pretty neat looking ship.
I like the looks of this ship with the lines of the dock feeding into it.
One more.

A New Visitor to the Great Lakes

 This is a ship that I was hoping to catch on Saturday but I ended up missing her at the Blue Water Bridge.  I saw that she was heading up to Essexville, so I figured that I would catch her there.

She was carrying a split load of cement from Algeria for Detroit and Essexville.
Cement is a fairly long unload time, so I figured that I had some time to catch her.
I knew it would be difficult catching her with my camera, so I brough my drone along.
This is the first visit by an NACC vessel to Essexville but I have a feeling it wont be the last.
She was built in 2012, but I don't have records of the shipyard.
She is registered in Panama which is a flag of convenience for her.
She is a pretty cool looking ship.
I hope that I get to see her again.
She has some pretty nice angles.
the beam shot.
Another angle.
I like this angle.
Another beam shot.
Another oblique angle.
Trying for a bow shot.
One more.

The Federal Yukon Passes By

 So I had one more ship to catch but I had to hurry to catch her.

The Federal Yukon was heading towards Chicago.
I'm not sure where she was heading from because I didn't catch that part.
I assume that she is going to pick up grain in Chicago.
And then I will assume that she will be heading out of the Great Lakes.
Framed by the Blue Water Bridge and the pilot boat is following her.
Port Huron is another change point.
She starts to pass by.
I like this shot.
the almost beam shot.
She passes by.
A stern shot as she heads into Lake Huron.
One more shot.