Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Return of an Old Friend

So on Thursday I went to the airport to do my normal Thursday night planewatching.  I saw that I had a chance of catching both 787s that head to Detroit Metro Airport so I was pretty happy.
 First up was an A220.
 This particular A220 was arriving from Atlanta after flying to Atlanta from Montreal where it is produced.  I think this might have been the first revenue flight.
 I think this plane is doing runs between Detroit and John F. Kennedy in New York.
 I kind of liked this shot.
 I always like beacon shots.
 A Delta A319 coming in from Miami.
 I saw a post on the planespotter page that this guy was coming in.
 It was a 767 arriving from Los Angeles.
 I'm not sure if it's a new iteration of Eastern Airlines but I kind of liked the livery.  It was carrying Kanye West for a concert.
 Next up was a favorite plane.
 This 757 was arriving from Minneapolis.
 another beacon shot.
 One of my favorite angles.
 Next up is one of the planes that I was also waiting for.
 It was the 787-9 belonging to Air France coming in from Paris.
 Another beacon shot.
 A longish angle.
 An A320 belonging to Spirit Airlines arriving from Atlanta.
 And the other plane that I was waiting for.
 It of course was the Royal Jordanian 787-8 arriving from Amman via Montreal.
 I hope to catch it a couple more times.
 an American 737 arriving from Dallas-Fort Worth.
 An A319 arriving from Mexico City.
 Another one of the planes I was hoping to catch.
It is Flight 505 from Memphis.
 Which is an MD-11.
 A Southwest 737 arriving from Dallas Love Field.
 A CRJ-700 arriving from MBS Airport in Midland-Bay City-Saginaw.
 A Delta A330 arriving from Amsterdam.
 A Delta 767 arriving from Paris.
 Another angle of that plane.
 A Delta Airlines 737 arriving from Seattle.
 A United Express operated by Republic Airlines arriving from O'Hare Airport in Chicago.
 A front shot of a 717.
This particular plane was arriving from Grand Rapids.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

It is Not A Balloon

After the Falls, I thought I was going to head up to Wendy Park to see if there were any ships that I could catch.  As I was approaching Cleveland, I saw that there was a blimp in the sky, so I decided to get some pictures of that.
 When Goodyear retired the Spirit of Innovation in 2017, they retired their last blimp.  In 2011, they decided they were going to replace their fleet of non-rigid airships built in the United States with semi-rigid airships built by the Zeppelin Company in Germany.
 Wingfoot One is the first of these airships and is 246 feet long.  It has a top speed of 70 miles per hour versus 50 miles per hour for the older airships.  It can carry 12 passengers instead of 7 and the gondola is equipped with a restroom.
 Goodyear has three airships in their fleet.  One is based in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Another is based in Carson, California and the third is based in Suffield, Ohio.
 As I was taking a picture of the blimp, this 737 was taking off from Hopkins International Airport.
 I believe it was heading for Atlanta.
 More of a side shot of the blimp.  Unfortunately, this was the best I could do.
 And one of those once in a lifetime pictures.  I'll call it a bifecta because it has a "ship" and a plane.  I just wish I would have had a better angle on the blimp but I'm afraid I would have liked the angle on the plane.  Oh well.
 A closeup of the 737.
 What I think is a better shot of the blimp.
One more shot.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anything coming in the harbor, so I didn't get any pictures of ships.  Oh well, this was pretty cool.

A Stop at Brandywine Falls

After catching the Nickel Plate, I wanted to see the Brandywine Falls, it has been a while since I've see them.
 The Brandywine Falls are at the northeast corner of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  They are quite nice.  They aren't as impressive as Tahquamenon but they still look pretty cool.
 I thought they would be a little fuller given the amount of rain we've had through the past year but the weather parts seem a little on the strange side.  It's also possible that this is a full as they get.  Here I slowed down the shutter speed a little bit.
 Tilted the camera on the side.
 Shifted a little bit to get a different angle.
 I think I like this shot the best.  I just wish those branches weren't in the way.
 Tilted back.
Back to my original spot.
One more shot for good measure.