Monday, April 29, 2019

A Pleasant Surprise

As I was heading back from Metro Airport I decided to pass Willow Run.  As I was passing Willow Run, I saw that the Yankee Lady was taxiing.  So I decided to stop.  I figured that she would be coming back.
 Little did I know that she would circle the runway and land.  It was pretty cool since I was position to catch her.
 I love catching this plane because it has a such a cool sound.
 And she's such a nice looking plane.
 I think she was doing her first run of the year.  Either that or she was doing her practice runs for when she's doing proper runs.
 She was coming in.
 Probably my favorite view.

 A beam shot.
And then she was followed by a Cessna Citation.

It's a 757 Fest

I didn't feel like doing much else on Saturday but I had to do something, so I headed over to the airport to catch some planes.
 I barely caught this one.  It was on final approach as I was arriving at my spotting place.  I didn't have time to switch lenses but it's a big enough plane that I could catch it with my little lens.  The Lufthansa A340 arriving from Germany.
 This Embrear E175 was arriving from LaGuardia.
 A Delta 767 arriving from Frankfurt.
 I don't normally take pictures of CRJs anymore but I couldn't pass up on this one.  It was arriving from St. Louis.
 A 737 arriving from Las Vegas.
 And it was the start of my 757 day.
 This one was arriving from Seattle.
 Another angle of that plane.
 It was followed by another 757.
 This particular one was arriving from San Francisco.
 Another angle.
 Probably my favorite angle of the plane.
 An A319 arriving from Minneapolis.
 Back to the 757s.
 This particular one was arriving from Los Angeles with a bit of smoke.

 Again my favorite angle.
 Sometimes your lenses can play tricks.  Neither the plane or bird were in danger.
 An American Airlines 737 arriving from Dallas-Fort Worth.
 An A320 arriving from Jacksonville.
 Next up was a treat.
 It its one of Delta's newest planes and a pretty nice looking one to boot.
 An A220.
 This particular one was arriving from Boston.
 I think Delta uses this plane for flights from Boston and Dallas-Fort Worth.
 I'm not sure which of their existing planes this is replacing.
 But at least it looks pretty nice.
 One more shot.
 An AeroMexico 737 arriving from Mexico City.
 A 717.
 this one was arriving from Reagan National in Washington DC.
And another 757.  This one was arriving from Orlando.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

And the Cherry Blossoms

There are two pretty certain signs that spring has arrived.
 One of them is when the cherry blossoms start making their appearance on Belle Isle.  I love catching these.
 The other is when they start building the race track on Belle Isle.  For the life of me, I don't understand why it takes them a month and a half to build all the stands and what not for the race.  I've read that they can do it quicker for other races.  Of course other races are in areas where they can't really tie up traffic for too long.
 I mean it's nice that they have the Grand Prix on Belle Isle but it would be nicer if they could figure out a way that they don't tie up the island for so long.  Especially since part of the course makes it difficult to see these beauties.  I just hope that the race isn't choking them off.  I think they had to replant some of them a couple of years ago.  I hope that wasn't because of the race.
 These were not at full bloom yet but I would imagine that is coming pretty soon.  Maybe in another week or so.  I just hope they are hardy enough to not get harmed by the predicted snow this weekend.
 It was kind of difficult getting shots yesterday because it was so windy.  But it was beautiful.
 The lighting was just about perfect for these.
 And I think I managed to get some nice shots.
Trying a larger grouping.  I might try to get back next week to see if they are blooming fuller.