Wednesday, June 30, 2021

One More Ship

 I had one more ship to catch.  This was another one that I didn't get many shots from my regular camera.

The wind was still pretty strong as you can see by the bow waves.
She passes the Mesabi Miner.
She was on her way to Quebec City.
Given that she was coming down from Thunder Bay, she had a load of wheat.
As I type this post, she is in Quebec City.
I'm not sure how long it takes to unload grain.
Given that there is no self unloading equipment, it might take a while.
The beam shot.
I like the "forward, we grow" slogan on her pilothouse.
I still find it interesting that she sports the name of a city that she will never visit.

The Mesabi Miner Passes By

 This is a ship that I was not expecting to see.

She passes the American Century.
When I checked AIS, she was getting fuel at Mistersky.  I had no idea how long there was there, so I had no idea if I was going to see her.
I think she was coming up from Cleveland.
She was heading up to the Superior dock.  I think she is picking up a load of coal there because she is head back to St. Clair.
It was pretty cool to see her.
I like this style of the 1000 footer.
She continues up.  It will be a close to 2 day journey for her return trip from this point.
A sailboat passes by.
Another boat passes by.
And the flag on her stern gives an indication of the wind.
One more shot before the next ship.

A Cormorant Passes By

 As I was taking a picture of a ship, this guy passed by fairly closely.

In fact, maybe a little too close.
But this was a nice picture.

Monkey on Your Back

 Usually I use another song for this ship but I decided to see if Aldo Nova had another hit song.

And sure enough, they did.  It was called "Monkey on Your Back" and it hit 12 on the US main charts.
As I looked up his history on Wikipedia, I saw that he wrote a number of songs for other singers.
I didn't realize that Aldo Nova was a "he", I thought it was the name of a band.
Anyway, the Algonova was heading to Nanticoke.
I think she had a load of fuel oil.
The beam shot.
She's about to pass a ship in the next post.
And I got three ships  in one post.

Next Up, the American Century

 After wandering around Belle Isle, we saw a line for getting back onto the island.  So I decided to look for another spot to catch my next ships.

I ended up going over to Windmill Point.  It is a spot that I haven't used in a while.  It is a pretty nice spot to catch ships but the park itself looks pretty rough.
The American Century was almost there as I arrived.
I didn't realize that I could get some ship shots without a background.
I think she was heading down to Toledo based on when she headed back.  If she was heading there, she would have been taking taconite to the new iron mill there.
The almost beam shot.
The beam shot.

And she passes one of the subjects of an upcoming post.

Some Wild Roses

 We took a little drive around the island before the next ship.

I decided to head past the eagle's nest.  I saw a couple of juvenile eagles in it but I couldn't get a good picture of them.
I saw these and tried to get a picture.
The wind was not helping my cause.
I do like this shot though.

A Coast Guard Boat Passes By

 I think this is a Coast Guard fast response boat.

They are used for rescue and other things.
I think they are also self righting.  Anyway, it is pretty cool to catch one.

The Edwin H. Gott Passes Belle Isle

 I know that I caught her up the Soo the day before, but I didn't get a chance to get any shots of her with my normal camera.  Plus it was a nicer day.

Unfortunately, it was windy, so I wasn't going to get any drone shots.  But the wind made for some nice bow wave action.
The Gott was heading down to Conneaut, Ohio.
She is passed by a Coast Guard fast response boat.  I'm not sure if the Coast Guard boat was coming off a rescue.
Anyway, she would have been going to Conneaut with a load of taconite.
With the Blough being out indefinitely, other ships have to pick up some of the slack.
I think steel production might still be down, but I'm not sure since many of the ships have been busy.
She gives me the almost beam shot.
And she gives me the beam shot.