Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sandhill Cranes on River Road

 After I got my room, I decided to head up to Bay City.  I heard that there was a bunch of eagles somewhere, so I was hoping to catch them.

I decided to head to Bay City using River Road.  Mainly because I usually see eagles there as well.
I did see some eagles but I was not in a spot where I could get pictures as they were flying over.  By the time I stopped and grabbed my camera, they would be gone.  It was said because based on other pictures I saw, I think one of them may have been a golden eagle.  I'm not sure as I've not heard of goldens in Michigan but you never know.
I went to the spot where people said they were but there were none and the lot was pretty dodgy.  I didn't want to get stuck there.
So I headed back.  I did see one flying over that spot but again, but the time I got my camera out, it would have been gone.
So I used River Road to get back to I-75.  I saw an eagle but it was across the river, so not a very good shot.  As I was about to get back to I-75, I saw some sandhill cranes.  It was pretty cool except they were not in a great spot to photograph.   But I like my pictures though even if you see some of the branches in front of them.

A Brief Stop at the Airport

 As I was about to head home, I saw that there were some interesting planes at the airport.  So I decided to stop at the airport.

Normally, I would mention where the planes are coming from but I am staying at the hotel tonight.  My power has not been restored and it is supposed to be restored tomorrow.  I didn't want to spend another night in the dark, so I booked a room.  As a result, I don't have my notebook with me.  But I will try to remember.
I think this 757 was coming in from Tampa.
At least they are still using the 757 on the Florida routes.
I was hoping to see the 757-200 though but I haven't seen those in a while.
This is the stretch 757.
It think it is pretty cool.
It was followed by an A321 coming in from Fort  Myers.
It was followed by one coming in from Atlanta
This is the main plane to catch my interest.
It is a 777 coming in from Paris.
It belongs to Air France.
I haven't seen one of these in a while.
So I was happy to see it.  It was especially happy to see it in such good light.
One more shot.
I think this CRJ was coming in from LaGuardia.
I don't remember where this one was coming from.
Another 757.
I think this one was coming in from Fort Lauderdale.
The clouds look pretty cool.
This is by far my favorite.
The light was pretty cool.
One more shot of it.
I like the yellow planes.
A beacon shot.  This A320 was coming in from Cancun.
An A350 coming in.
This particular one was coming in from Amsterdam.
A beacon shot.
Sadly I was shooting into the sun.
One more.
An E175 but I don't remember where it was coming from.  I would guess Charlotte based on the airline.

And In This Corner, the Algoterra!

So this is the thing that I was out looking for.

The Locks are closed.  As a result, any ships that are moving are ones that ones that don't have to cross through the locks.
I think this particular ship was coming up from Nanticoke.
And it was heading back to Sarnia.
These typically go from Sarnia to Sault Ste. Marie or Nanticoke.  I think they are usually carrying fuel oil.
Anyway, I was happy enough to see a ship, that I headed out for one.
The water was almost calm enough.
But it was still pretty windy out.  So I didn't take my drone with me.
As it passed by.
It continues down to Sarnia.
Which isn't too far from here.

Some Longtail Ducks

 So yesterday, I saw that there was ship making her way up the St. Clair River.  I decided to go catch her.

As I was taking pictures of the ship, I saw these guys.
I originally thought it was a bufflehead.
But someone pointed out that it's actually a long tailed duck.
It' a pretty cool looking duck.
It used to be called an old squaw.
But that name fell out of favor.
It passes by.