Saturday, August 27, 2022

A Less Frequent Visitor

 The Mesabi Miner is another rare visitor to this area.  She is usually going from Superior or Two Harbors to Burns/Indiana Harbor.

That doesn't mean she doesn't come this way though.
Usually when she does come this way, its to deliver taconite to Cleveland.
She is used to deliver taconite to the Bulk Terminal that is at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River.
She can't go down the river but other ships can.
It's still fairly efficient that way.
But she's kind of a nice looking boat.
Especially with the scrubbers.
She is heading up to Superior on this trip.
I presume that is to pick up taconite.
But it could also be to pick up coal.
If that's the case, she could be heading back down this way.
Anyway, it was nice t osee her.
She continues up the river.
A beam shot against the nice blue water.
Unfortunately, my battery was running low, so I had to bring my drone back.  Oh well, not a bad shot.

A More Familiar Face

 The Herbert C. Jackson is a more frequent visitor to these parts.

She was delivering stone to the Rouge River area.  I think she came from Sandusky to do that.
Now she is heading up to Marquette where she will pick up taconite.
Presumably that will be for the Rouge Steel Mill, so she will be back in this next of the woods.
Then I think she will head back to Sandusky.
Because that's what she's been doing lately.
Still, it's always nice to catch a classic laker.
Especially this one.
And then I switched to my drone.
There wasn't other drone traffic around here, so it was a lot more fun flying.
The blue of the St. Clair River is pretty nice over here.
I saw a few people swimming.
She continues her way up.
I tried to get a beam shot.
I think I was more successful with this one.
She heads up.
It is roughly 36 hours up to Marquette.

A Surprise Visitor

 I decided that I was going to go boatwatching today.  It didn't look like it was going to be a good day until I saw this gem coming up.

The Wilfred Sykes just finished delivering something to Cleveland.  I'm not sure what though.
She's still not a usual visitor to this side of the Lakes but it coming here more frequently.
It's always nice to see the Sykes.  She is one of the nicer looking boats on the Lakes.
Her owners take really good care of her, so she doesn't have the usually scrapes and rust spots that other ships have.
She typically spends most of her time on Lake Michigan though.
She rarely goes through the Soo Locks, which helps in the wharf rash department.
I'm not sure how often they paint her but it seems like it is more frequent than the other companies.
the bow shot.
She turns to leave the channel.
She has a really nice profile.
I still wish her fleetmate would come out though.
But it's getting less likely that will happen.
But I love this paint scheme.
One more picture with my regular camera.
I switched to my drone.
I think we are going to have to start having air control for these.  I know I saw at least two others.
Fortunately, I know what the one typically does, so I tried to stay out of its way.
But then I saw a posting of a picture on facebook and the other drone was close to mine but not close enough to be a danger to either drone.
But I kept with my normal views.
I kind of like this view.
And she continues on her way.  She is heading up to Drummond Island where she will pick up stone.  I'm not sure what her destination is after that.