Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A Foggy Day at the Airport

 There wasn't too much more river traffic and I didn't feel like going to catch trains but I didn't want to go home.  So I decided to head over to the airport.  I love weather shots although it might have been a little too foggy.

This was a Raytheon Hawker coming in for a landing.  It turns out that it was a Medevac flight.
It was followed by an A321 coming in from Fort Lauderdale.
I loved the reflections on the wet runway.
I loved the spray behind the engines.
An E175 coming in from Newark.
An A321 coming in from Tampa.
This plane was supposed to go to Columbus but I'm guessing the weather was even less cooperative there.  It was coming in from Dulles Airport.
A 717.
This plane was coming in from Newark.
And because I like them.
A 737 coming in from Atlanta.
This American 737 was a MAX and it was heading off to Miami.
The Hawker taking off again.
Another diversion from Columbus.  This CRJ was coming from O'Hare.
A CRJ getting deiced.
Another picture of the MAX.
An A319 coming in from Reagan International in Washington DC.
Another view of that plane.
An E175.  I don't remember from where.
I think this was another diversion from Columbus.
A CRJ-900 coming from White Plains.
An A321 heading for LaGuardia.
An A220 coming in from Baltimore.
Because I like this plane.
A beacon shot.
And one more.
An A319 coming in from Jacksonville.
Another A321 coming from Fort Lauderdale.
A 757 in the fog.
It comes closer.
About to touchdown.
A puff of smoke as it lands.
It was coming in from Fort Myers.
Makes a turn for the taxi way.
A frontal shot.
Because I like this plane.
And I can't get enough pictures.
A CRJ-900 coming from Buffalo.
One more shot of the 757.
A CRJ-200 coming in from Green Bay.
Another A220.
This one was coming in from New Orleans.
One more shot.
A 767.
This one was coming in from London.
One more shot.
An A330 coming in from Paris.
A Southwest 737 coming in from Denver, I think.
An A319 coming in from Dallas.
Another 757.
This one was coming in from Los Angeles.
My favorite shot.
An A319 coming in from somewhere.
A United A319 coming in from Denver.
And one more plane.
This one was an A350.
It was coming in from Haneda Airport in Tokyo.
One more shot.

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