Wednesday, December 8, 2021

A Pere Marquette Sort of Day

 So on Saturday, I was heading over to my cousin's for an early Christmas, it wasn't until later in the afternoon, so I decided to go catch the Pere Marquette as it did the North Pole Express.

I didn't get a chance to catch it last year because they didn't run it last year due to COVID.  Since I didn't really get a chance to catch the Nickel Plate, I had to go catch this one.
It was pretty nice to catch a steam engine at full speed, even though I was kind of shooting into the sun for this one.
There is something magical about catching a steam engine.  They almost sound like a living, breathing creature.
Anyway, they have train rides from Owosso to Ashley and it is about a 45 minute ride.
I lost my bearings and this was the first place I caught it.  I actually thought I passed the place where I wanted to catch it.
but it was pretty cool catching it here.
I managed to get an angle not quite into the sun.
I love this shot.
I caught this shot barely in time.
I love the trail of steam behind it.
As it turns out, I wasn't close to this spot but I was able to make it in time.
I kind of like the angle I got the pictures from even though I'm not too happy about people in the picture.
I love the look of the train as it passes this point.  It seems like it has a full head of steam.
The elevator makes for a nice backdrop.
The signal helps too.
This might be my favorite of the day.
One more.
A shot of the diesel engine that is used to pull it back to Owosso.
This guy was making sure that people stayed clear of the tracks.
And then it approached Ashley.
The angle of the light was just about right.
And I am fairly happy with my pictures from here.
One more shot of the engine.
One of the two Ann Arbor Railroad cabooses on the train.  You can pay for a ride on them.
One more shot of the diesel.

I think I'm going to have to come back in a couple of weeks if the weather cooperates.

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