Friday, December 24, 2021

The Wolverine Passes Over the Huron River

 I decided that I was going to head up to Clare in order to see a reindeer ranch.  As I was heading out of Ann Arbor, I saw that there was a green light on the rail line leaving town.  I figured that meant the Wolverine would be passing.  I ended up heading over to a park on Huron River Drive

I looked at the Amtrak tracker on my phone and saw that I had a little time to catch the train.  I figured that I was in the perfect spot to catch it.
I've wanted to catch the Wolverine at this spot for a while.  And it looked like it would really nice because the river was perfectly smooth.
I pulled out a little bit to see if I liked that angle but I like it for a picture without the train.  I thought the train would get lost in this.
As the train approached, I tightened in.  I had the camera in burst mode.  I figured I would get a decent shot out of the multitude.
I think I like this one the best.
Or maybe this one.  Both are pretty close.
And one more.  I kind of liked this one.

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