Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Lee A. Tregurtha heads up to Marquette

 So on Saturday I saw that the Lee A. Tregurtha was heading back to Marquette.  I also saw that I would be able to catch her.  Since I missed her downbound on Friday, I decided to head out to catch her.

I was hoping to catch her in St. Clair but I got too late of a start.  But I ended up catching her in Marysville.
She was heading up from Dearborn after delivering taconite to the steel mill there.
It was kind of a gray day and it was raining as I started to head out.
Fortunately, it stopped raining as I got here.
She continues on.
I went over to Port Huron to catch her again.
Port Huron is where I really wanted to catch her.
Port Huron is really nice for catching ships.
You can get multiple angles.
My favorite is still the bow shot though.  Looks like the ship is coming right at you.
She turns for heading out to Lake Huron.
I love that she has a scrubber.
Makes her look like a steamship.
And then I took to the air.  I'm discovering that I like the shots better from lower.
You still get a different angle but it's not so different.
She's riding high.  Part of the reason why I prefer downbound ships.
But she still looks pretty cool.
Getting close to the beam shot.
The beam shot.
She continues on her way to Lake Huron.
One more picture with my regular camera.

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