Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Catching the Lovely Kaye E. Barker

 So this is the ship that I was interested in catching.  I decided to head down to Marine City to catch her there first.

There is a nice little boat launch just outside of Marine City.  It is a perfect spot to catch upbound ships.
The lighting in the middle of the afternoon is not bad but I wont complain too much about the sun because I wont see it that often.
I think the Barker was heading up from Sandusky.
And she was heading up to Green Bay.
Again the St Clair looks pretty good from the air.
I love this shade of blue.
The almost beam shot.
The beam shot.
And she passes by.
She makes her way up the river.
One more shot.
Then I decided to head up to St. Clair.  I went to a different spot at the park.
It gives me different angles.
And she makes her turn for the rest of the channel.
And she continues.
I think the light was a little better here.
The backgrounds in Marine City are cleaner though.
But some background is nice.
One more shot with my regular camera.
I took to the air again.
I love the shots I get with the drone.
And the Barker is a beautiful ship.
The almost beam shot.
And the beam shot.
She continues to make her way up.
I think she made it to Green Bay last night.

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