Saturday, December 11, 2021

The Walter J. McCarthy Passes Windmill Point

As I said in the last post, the Walter J. McCarthy was leaving the fuel docks as I was taking pictures of the Anderson.  That was good for me because it meant I had a pretty good chance of getting pictures of her.

The Walter J. McCarthy is one of several ships that supplies coal to the electric plant in St. Clair.  She also supplies coal to the electric plant in Monroe.
Usually when the ships deliver to Monroe, they do a split load with a partial load for St. Clair and a partial load for Monroe.
I'm not sure why they do it that way but the reason that comes to mind is that Monroe can't handle a full load at once.  The shipping companies probably figure split loads is better than hauling a half load.
Anyway, if she didn't stop for fuel, I would have had to catch her on the St. Clair River or something.
But I kind of like this spot for upbound ships.  Especially if the sun is behind the clouds.
It gives me a decent headshot if my timing is right.
It was pretty windy on Sunday, so I got some nice bow wave action.
It wasn't quite as windy as it was today though.
Anyway, I think it is pretty cool to get crashing waves.
She almost passes in front of me.
Another crashing way.
The almost beam shot.
The pilothouse straight out from me.
I think she was heading back to the coal dock in Superior.   I think the power plants are trying to stock up as much as they can.

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