Friday, June 11, 2010

The California Zephyr - Part 1

Most of these pictures cover ground that I went through when I came down on the Coast Starlight but the light was a little better so I could get some better pictures.

This is looking out across the river towards the west.

I'm still not sure what bridges these are, but the one on the right looks like an erector set.

Passing between the bridges.

This is the California and Hawaii Sugar Refinery plant. The company itself was opened in 1906 and was sold to Domino in 2005. The plant is still operational.

This is an oil tanker I think.

Now this was pretty neat. This is the National Defense Reserve Fleet near Vallejo, California. It is the home of the Glomar Explorer and the USS Iowa. There are a bunch of other ships here as well.

This is another shot of the fleet.

This is a shot of the area north of San Francisco. It looks pretty similar for a while.

This is the station at Davis California.

This is I-5 and this part is built on a bridge of sorts because this area is prone to flooding.

This is a picture of Sacramento as I am coming in.

This is a shot of the Sacramento River and a River Boat. The picture was more for the River Boat.

The train station in Sacramento.

This is the train station at Colfax.

This is Colfax itself.

This is a statue of the man the town is named after. He was the Vice President under Grant.

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