Friday, June 11, 2010

California Zephyr - Part 3 - Utah

The next leg of my trip was through Utah. It covered Provo and Helper (although I didn't get pictures of either station). This was different from the parts of Nevada I got pictures of because it seemed more like mesa. It also seemed like the west that I see on the movies.

I can imagine the Native American scout on top of the cliff looking out for the Iron Horse.

This is something I liked.

Another one of the mesas.

I just love the red in the rock.

I think this may be the Colorado River, but I'm not sure.

This may be coming into Colorado.

I love this rock formation too. It almost looks like someone put it there.

Again, I'm not sure what River this was.

There was definately a different beauty to the desert. As we headed into Colorado, it started to get more wooded.

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