Monday, June 7, 2010

Coast Starlight - Part 3 - California

I didn't have too much time as I had breakfast in between Sacramento and my upcoming stop in Emeryville. Kind of a shame because things were getting a little more interesting. We passed by the Navy boneyards (I'll have pictures of those as I came back this way on the Zephyr). The Sacramento valley was pretty nice and as I approached Emeryville, could see San Francisco off in the distance.

Not sure what bridges these are, but I like them.

Another angle of the bridges.

And as we were almost straight across.

That was pretty much the Coast Starlight. It continues on down to Los Angeles and becomes more of a coast train after Oakland. I was not terribly impressed with this train as there seemed to be issues and it was alot more crowded than the Empire Builder. I think I will give it a try again at some time in the future though.

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