Monday, June 14, 2010

Windmill Point Lighthouse

After my long train trip and posting all the pictures from said trip, I am now back in the swing of things. So on Saturday I decided to take a drive up the thumb to see some of the lighthouses up there. I went in the opposite direction of a similar trip a couple years ago.

Basically my trip started in Grosse Pointe with the Windmill Point Lighthouse. The first lighthouse here was built in 1838, with rebuilds in 1866, 1875, and 1908. The current lighthouse was built in 1933. It basically stands at the mouth of the Detroit River. It is just a light and no attendent. There is currently a park around it.

Maybe with a little love it would be a nicer looking lighthouse. The park it is located in is not so nice but there were alot of people there.

It uses a 6th Order Fresnel Lens.

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