Saturday, December 10, 2022

And the Cuyahoga

 This is another one of the ships that I was hoping to catch.

This ship was following fairly closely behind the Tregurtha.
I thought she was heading to the grain dock across from Belanger but it turns out she wasn't.
She was heading to the cement dock near Riverside.
So I pulled the camera back to get a scene of the city.
I kind of like this one.  Not too much haze.
And then the littler lens.
She crosses the river.
One more shot.
So I headed over to Riverside to get better shots of her.  She was starting her unload.
One more before moving on.

I thought I saw on Facebook that the snowy owls have returned.  After this, I headed up to Fish Point.  While I was heading there, I got to listen to the Army-Navy game.  Bummer of an ending for an otherwise fairly well played game.  Didn't see any owls either.

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