Thursday, December 29, 2022

Next Up, the Iver Bright

 The next ship wasn't too far behind and that was a good thing.  While it was warmer yesterday, it was also windier which made it feel colder.  But that made for cool pictures, I think.

The Iver Bright was heading up to Sarnia.
I think she was heading there to pick up asphalt.  She is a salty that stays behind for the winter.
She also keeps pretty busy during the winter because she delivers asphalt around.
As I am typing this post, she is on her way up to Bay City.
I assume she has a load of asphalt for there.
Plus she's a nice looking ship.
It seems like her owners take care of her.
With the stripe, she looks like she could be Canadian Coast Guard.
Almost a beam shot.
The beam shot.
She continues up to Lake St. Clair and beyond.

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