Thursday, December 29, 2022

A Festively Lit Up Alpena

 After catching the ships, I decided to head up to see if I could see any snowy owls.  I arrived too late to see any and even if I did, I think it was too dark for pictures.  But it wasn't a wasted trip.

I knew that the Alpena was unloading in Essexville.  So after stopping at the snowy owl spot, I headed over to Essexville.
It was dark by the time I arrived but that was fine because it was the holiday lighting of the Alpena that I was interested in catching.
Because the low light capability of this camera is pretty good, I was able to bump the iso up quite a bit to get a decent shot.
A tree that was by the park I was at.

Since I didn't wish everyone a happy holidays, I will do it now.

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